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Cozy Runner Rugs for Small Spaces

Rolling out a cozy rug is an easy way to completely change the look of your space. Rugs not only add color and texture to your floors, but they can also be used to break up a room or to draw attention to certain pieces of furniture. Unlike area rugs, which require a large amount of open floor space, runner rugs can slip into any small area around the home in need of a little extra warmth.

Using Runner Rugs

Because of their unique shape, long and skinny carpet runners are a useful addition to a variety of spaces around the home. Though they are often used over tile or hardwood floors to increase the cushioning, they also create an interesting visual effect when layered over carpet floors.

  • One of the most common places to see these rugs is in the front entryway of the home. By placing a runner perpendicular to the front door, comfort and style will greet your guests as soon as they walk into your home.
  • Similarly, these rugs can also sit by the back door. Choose durable and easy to clean rug materials that will survive messy outdoor boots and shoes.
  • Durable runner rugs also work well in outdoor spaces, like on the front porch or a deck in the backyard. Place these pretty patterned rugs under your patio furniture to greatly enhance your outdoor living spaces.
  • Hallway runners also enhance narrow hallways throughout the home. These pass-through spaces may not draw much of your design focus, but vibrant hallway runners and some beautiful mirrors or wall art are all you need to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home's hallways.
  • In bedrooms, these skinny rugs can be placed at the foot of the bed or along the sides. By framing it with carpet runners, the bed becomes the room's design focal point. Plus, keeping runner rugs close to the bed gives you something soft to step on when you wake up.
  • In the kitchen, runners can be placed near the kitchen sink to provide extra cushioning for your feet as you prepare and cook meals. Because they're so skinny, they'll even fit in kitchens with large kitchen islands.

Rug Material Options

Once you've settled on a spot for your rug, consider the type of material that would work best in that space. Certain materials are delicate and decorative while others are more durable and functional. No matter which material you choose, you can extend the life of your runners by layering a carpet pad below the rug.

  • Wool carpet runners are a popular choice as they are soft and cozy while also quite durable. Because of their superior heat insulation, these runners effectively warm up cold bedrooms or living rooms.
  • Chenille jute rugs combine soft chenille with natural and durable jute fibers to create a luxurious runner suitable for any indoor space.
  • Sisal rugs and other natural fiber rugs are unique and eco-friendly but can be difficult to keep clean. These rugs are best used as a decorative element in the home.
  • Synthetic polypropylene rugs are a top choice for high traffic areas. These rugs are strong, easy to clean and can often be used in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Though their primary purpose is to add warmth and cushioning to floors, runner rugs also offer decorative appeal. Choose from gorgeous neutral rugs that blend in with your existing decor or bold rugs that add a pop of color to the room. With solid and printed rugs to choose from, you can easily find a runner that fits your design style. Place a gorgeous runner rug in any small space around the home to add softness and create a cozy and inviting vibe.