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Hand-Knotted Rugs to Add Charisma and Style to Your Space

A hand-knotted rug may be the perfect addition to your bedroom, living room, dining room or hallway. These charmingly handcrafted rugs are unique and designed to add charisma and style to any space and they're made from 100 percent pure wool.

Why Choose a Hand-Knotted Rug?

Rich in color and texture, the dyed wool of a hand-knotted floor covering is unparalleled in style. These naturally stain-resistant, durable rugs are perfect in high-traffic areas and they're incredibly easy to maintain. Simply vacuum your rug regularly and spot-clean when necessary.

The hand-knotted rugs you find at Pottery Barn are carefully crafted by artisans who use traditional techniques that have been passed down over generations. One rug typically takes between three and four weeks to complete.

Unmatched Style in Any Room

These beautiful, traditional floor coverings are available in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes. Choose a traditional pattern in colors you love or go for something dramatic and bold - the main idea is to choose a rug you love. A good rule of thumb: If you have plenty of patterns in your space, a solid-colored rug can serve as an anchor, but if your decor is mostly solid, you can get a bit adventurous with your rug's pattern and style.

Check out these tips for selecting the right rug for your home's most-trafficked rooms:

  • Use the 60-30-10 rule to match your palette. Under that rule, approximately 60 percent of the room should be decorated in one dominant color - and that includes the walls and the largest furnishing you have, like your sofa. Then, 30 percent of your room is a secondary color; that's where your rug fits. Finally, 10 percent is the remaining accent color for smaller decorative items.
  • Choose a rug for the dining room by measuring the length and width of your table. The rug should be at least two feet larger on each side to leave room for chairs.
  • Pick a bedroom rug if your goal is to make your bed the focal point of the space. Ideally, you'll want the rug to extend two feet on each side of the bed. You can also skip the full-sized rug and choose runners to go along each side of the bed.
  • Warm up your entryway or hallway with a runner that provides plenty of soft texture underfoot - just make sure you leave at least six inches of floor space around it for a comfortable fit.

A beautifully crafted hand-knotted rug can be the perfect addition to your space. Pick a lively pattern to spark visual interest or choose a solid color with a fabulous texture to complement your existing decor. Either way, you'll have a beautiful accent piece in your bedroom, living room, dining room or other area that you, your family and your guests will love.