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Elevate Your Decor With Custom Rugs

The right rug can elevate the decor in your space, serving as the focal point of the room. Rugs can pull together the colors of the space or ground a seating area. As a result, they're an essential component of any well-designed room. Custom rugs from Pottery Barn come in a range of styles, making them suitable for the living room, family room, foyer or bedroom. Colors, patterns and sizes abound in this collection, allowing you to find a rug that's uniquely designed for your home. Learn more about this collection before you shop.

Colors and Patterns

Custom rugs include both neutral designs and vibrant patterns, allowing you to easily discover one that suits your style and home. Solid-colored rugs feature several shades, including gray, ivory, taupe and tan. Some feature subtle accents of color, such as a colorful trim. Alternatively, you can also discover bright solid rugs in shades of navy, pink, turquoise and more.

For more intrigue, consider patterned rugs in this collection. You can find many contemporary rugs featuring geometric and medallion designs. This collection also includes vintage-style printed rugs, blending the traditional look of an Oriental rug with more modern patterns. Or, consider shag rugs, which offer a higher pile height and maximize comfort.

Versatile Sizes

Custom rugs also come in an array of sizes, whether you're looking for a small rug to sit in front of a door or a spacious rug to ground the seating area in your family room or basement. Rug sizes range from 3-by-5 to 10-by-14. Additionally, runners are available, which are ideal for placement in a hallway or galley kitchen. Measure your space and select a size that works for your room.

Durable Design

No matter the pattern and size you select, you can shop confidently knowing you're investing in a durable rug. This collection includes many 100 percent wool rugs, which are durable enough for high-traffic areas of the home. Others are made of pure sisal or 100 percent Olefin, which are equally durable.

Custom rugs in this collection are designed for every home. Select a color, pattern and size that's right for your space for a truly customized look. Don't forget a rug pads, which ensures your rug always stays in place. With the right combination of a custom rug and rug pad, your room will be stylishly designed for years to come.