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A Bath Mat for Every Occassion

Knowing you need a bath mat is one thing. Curating a collection is another--but maybe it's time to think in terms of where don't you have a bath mat? These simple floor mats and rugs make your entire bathroom experience feel welcoming and warm, an invitation to relax in a carefully appointed suite for self-care. Select new bath mats for your home today to feel the difference immediately.

Warm Up with Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs help warm up a beautiful expanse of tile or stone floor. You can still enjoy the smooth look of your floor surface with a variety of rugs placed around the room. In the warmer months, move rugs around to maximize cool spots, while still providing slip-resistant, cushioned areas for your comfort and well-being.

h4>Where to Place New Mats

Consider the placement of your bathroom furniture to determine where your new mats need to go. A few places always stand out as great. 

  • The floor in front of your vanity is a must. If you have a double sink, do the right thing by your partner and get two matching mats or have fun with a row of coordinating or ombre colors in a bigger space.
  • Place one under your makeup mirror to make putting on your face a cozy affair. The rug balances the coolness of glass, too.
  • Try a bathroom mat centered under a statement light, like a pendant at the far edge of a bathtub or near a doorway sconce.

Bath Mat Materials

When choosing your mat, you have a variety of material selections. Go for the option that balances or complements the other textures in your bathroom.

  • Organic cotton is a standard go-to for a bath mat. Clean, fresh cotton feels great under your feet and the care couldn't get easier.
  • Terry cotton is more like a towel feeling. This is another beloved bath-mat feel. It's absorbent and still as easy as can be to launder.
  • Tasseled mats are on trend right now, especially if you choose a style with hand-knotted trim. Let a few inches of fringe revolutionize your idea of a bath rug.
  • Jacquard is a woven fabric selection that showcases the depth and richness of layered colors or a high-quality tonal choice.
  • Memory foam sinks and squishes under your feet for lots of cushioning.

Don't Forget Poolside

Indoors isn't the only place you need a great mat. Toss mats and rugs poolside at the edge of chaise lounges, near a backyard bar or at the entrance to a lanai. Match yours with your pool towels for an extra finishing touch.