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Find Area, Accent and Throw Rugs for Every Room at Pottery Barn

Area, accent and throw rugs play a pivotal role in the design of almost every room in your house. Whether you're looking for subtle texture or big, bold prints, you can find the right rug at Pottery Barn. A wide range of sizes ensures that you get the perfect fit.

The Benefits of Rugs

Throw rugs, area rugs, runners and accent rugs all serve an important purpose in your home. In fact, a properly placed rug does more than one thing well. Here are a few reasons to outfit your floors with rugs, whether you've got traditional hardwood in the bedroom or modern stone slab in your formal living room or dining room:

  • You can use rugs to tie disparate elements of your decor together. With the right pattern and colors, you can marry your favorite pieces of furniture, art and accessories. You can even use your rugs to blend out-of-the-box color concepts into your room.
  • Area, accent and throw rugs add depth and texture to your room. They'll bring a lot to your design over one-dimensional hard flooring surfaces like hardwood or tile.
  • Rugs can help cut down on noise. From second-floor foot traffic to the general clatter of a living room or dining room with hard flooring, rugs work to absorb some sound and make your spaces more comfortable to spend time in.
  • Rugs feel good under your feet, making any room in the house more comfortable. Use rugs around your bed and in your living room or family room as part of your seating area to make your space feel cozy.

What Styles Can I Find?

Throw rugs, accent rugs and area rugs come in tons of colors and styles for your traditional, transitional or modern home. You can even find vintage-inspired and rustic styles to suit your space. Here are a few popular options you can browse for your home:

  • Natural fiber rugs. Made from materials like jute and sisal, these durable rugs often come in neutral colors that will work with many different room designs. They'll also stand up to messes from kids and pets.
  • Sheepskin and hide rugs. Looking to add an elegant touch to your room? Go for sheepskin and hide rugs in formal spaces where you're not worried about spills and lots of foot traffic like your formal entertaining area.
  • Persian-style rugs. Never out of style, Persian-style rugs look great in modern, transitional and contemporary rooms. Look for a subdued print or go all out with a bold, over-the-top style that'll liven up your room.
  • Flatweave rugs. Great for bedrooms, home offices and even the kitchen, flatweave and kilim rugs bring tons of texture and style to any space without the high pile of a thick rug. They're great for work areas and high-traffic spaces too.
  • Distressed and tonal rugs. Opt for a lived-in look with distressed and tonal rugs. Ideal for modern and vintage-inspired decor, you can find colorful and neutral options to fit your interior design scheme.

Ready to add color, texture and style to your home? Shop Pottery Barn today to find a wide range of rugs for every room in your house. You can also browse our selection of one-of-a-kind rugs if you're looking for a truly special look you won't see anywhere else.