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Sale Pillows & Throws

Decorative pillows and throws are an interior designer’s dream. Why? For one thing, they pack a ton of color into a small – or medium-sized – package. They’re very versatile as you can play around with striking tones in the living room, add charm to your bedroom, customize a reading nook or bring outdoor spaces to life. Plus, it’s easy to get excited about the variety of textures and patterns with which to work. There’s no limit to the styles you can imagine. At Pottery Barn, we know how much you love decor. Our sale on pillows and throws can help you put the finishing touches on your design layout or create something new – whatever you have in mind.

In traditional rooms, such as Victorian or 1950s retro styles, it’s all about balance. Even numbers are your friend when picking out pillows for a sofa. Both sides of the sofa look like a mirror reflection of each other. If you have a small blue pillow and a large paisley pillow on one end, the opposite end should have the same colors, designs and stacking. Throws are usually folded to form a large rectangle and then draped down the center of the sofa. This old-school approach gives a nice sensation of stability, family and warmth. It’s also very elegant and even more when you choose things like velvet or damask pillows.

Modern styles are the opposite. They relish odd numbers and unbalanced arrangements. It seems edgy and adventurous. Three, five, seven or even more pillows are the norm when decorating sofas or sectionals. Uneven numbers mean you can either have a center pillow and pairs on each side or have fewer on one end than the other as both options are chic. If you’re going for an artistic look, there’s no need to worry about balance in your bedroom. Random groupings can be arranged however you like, usually with the most powerful pieces on top.

How do you position throws in a modern layout? Put simple – any way you want. If you like the rectangular folded look, you can drape a throw on one end of a sofa or lying across an armrest. Diagonal placement in an armchair makes a picture-perfect vignette. With fuzzy, thick blankets or French-inspired themes, you don’t even need to fold the throw at all. You can just toss it across furniture. It’s artistic and eye-catching at the same time.

The ambience or room theme usually determines what kind of motifs you pick out. However, style is in the eye of the beholder, so deciding what looks Mediterranean, Tuscan, trendy or rustic is totally up to you. Bold colors and detailed designs like paisley or Persian images make terrific accent pieces.