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Improve Organization With Bathroom Wall Shelves

If your bathroom feels cluttered or disorganized, don't despair. Instead, invest in bathroom wall shelves, which can instantly transform your space. Whether you're outfitting a spacious master bathroom or a small powder room with these shelves, you can find a style that suits your space. Use these shelves to keep toiletries, beauty products, linens and everyday essentials out of the way but always within reach. Discover the different types of wall shelves in this collection.

Shelves for Every Space

Whether you're seeking a sleek storage solution or a substantial one, this collection of bathroom wall shelves has what you need. To start, consider a sleek single shelf, which offers space to store toiletries or decorative accents. These shelves come in both wood and glass styles. Glass shelves boast metallic finishes and wood styles feature natural, rustic ones. Consider the color and finish of other storage elements in your room, such as bathroom countertop accessories, to create a seamless design in your bathroom.

For even more storage space, invest in a multi-tiered shelf. Constructed of materials like glass, wood and rattan, these wall shelves are durable enough to support plenty of items. Multi-tiered shelves are strengthened by wood or metal supports. Some even feature towel bars or hooks, further enhancing your storage options. Consider one of these styles to add storage beyond that provided by your medicine cabinet.

Finally, consider a cubby or wall cabinet storage solution for your bathroom. These pieces deliver both open and concealed storage. Wall cabinets boast open shelving as well as closed shelving, serving as a perfect spot to store tissues, linens or toiletries. Cubby-style units offer several spots for storage and you can even add baskets for improved organization. All of these styles come in versatile finishes and colors, such as natural wood or white.

Simple Installation

Regardless of the type of bathroom wall shelves you select, you'll be pleased by a seamless installation process. Many styles of bathroom shelves come with a mounting system that includes the hardware you need to attach your shelves to the wall. Other shelves are customized with back keyholes that make installation with a nail or screw simple.

Clean up bathroom clutter from the countertop with the help of bathroom wall shelves. Your everyday essentials will be well organized and accessible on these shelves, which instantly improve bathroom organization. A clutter-free bathroom is just a purchase away.