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Makeup Mirrors Make Your Beauty Routine Better

Are makeup mirrors just the thing your bathroom is missing? Most modern bathrooms are already outfitted with the essentials. A makeup mirror goes beyond the essentials to give you that extra-close look at the details, so you leave the house feeling perfectly polished and confident. Use yours for ensuring your skincare is thorough, for refining cosmetic applications or putting on earrings or other jewelry quickly and easily.

Magnification Helps You Polish Your Look

Add one of these mirrors to your countertop accessories for the ultimate final touch to your beauty routines.

  • Magnification of up to 10 times lets you see your pores or lashes individually to ensure perfect grooming.
  • LED lights offer an even clearer view of your skin, skincare formulas or cosmetics.
  • By selecting from different lighting options, you can get the same close-up view to mimic lighting at your workplace, an evening cocktail party, late night on the town or early morning with friends or working out.

Technology Improves Beauty Tools

Makeup mirrors are getting smarter just like other home appliances. Discover the one that suits your needs and routines with impressive options, including WiFi-enabled smart features and customized lighting programmed through an application on your phone.

These makeup mirrors are meant to complement your regular sink vanity mirror or other beauty tools you might use.

  • With some mirrors, motion sensor lights turn on and automatically adjust to your pre-programmed settings when you approach the mirror.
  • Different color variations let you create the look that's best for wherever you're going. Some mirrors offer up to 50,000 lighting combinations for the ultimate bespoke setting.
  • Choose a mirror that runs on a high-powered battery and charges easily with a USB cord, so that you can enjoy using it cord-free in your bathroom or personal care space.

Modern Styles in Personal Care

The design features of makeup mirrors is now advanced so that you can choose a mirror that fits with your home's style.

  • Select one made just for magnification or go with a larger version that lets you pull back for a regular view and still get up close for all that great detail.
  • Look for different, on-trend finishes, like rose gold, to complement classic stainless steel.
  • Choose sleek lines and curved corners for a contemporary silhouette.
  • Program the light features to set the mood for your bathroom or dressing room even when you're not using it.

Explore how the evolution of this already clever mirror can make your morning, evening and other prep routines more fun and glamorous than ever.