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Trading Out Bathroom Vanities

When you're renovating your bathroom, the vanity is a focal point for change. Discover how the bathroom vanities at Pottery Barn fit into your plans from a full tear-out and rebuild to a simple sink swap. With the right finishes and fixtures, your bathroom can become the sanctuary you truly deserve, starting at the sink.

Should You Get Single or Double Sink Vanities?

The big question when deciding on a new vanity is single or double. With so many sink styles these days, you have your pick, so make sure you choose the one that's right for you and your family.

  • If you live alone, a single sink is enough. If you're thinking about selling, or you often move for your career, a double might be a good investment for down the road.
  • Maybe what you need is a lot of surface space, but only one sink. Check out the single wide sinks built into a big counter. These vanity tops let you store more at hand.
  • If you share a bathroom during rush hours--early mornings or just before bed--go for the double. You'll be glad to turn routine personal care into quality time instead of bumping elbows.

Choosing Drawers and Shelves for Your Vanity

Plan space for what needs to be stored in your bathroom. Bathroom vanities allow for plenty of storage options so that you can keep the essentials at hand and make getting ready to go out or sleep easy and comfortable.

  • In some homes, it's all about personal care products. If this sounds like you, make sure you have enough drawers. If you love an open-shelf look, rely on baskets to store and organize.
  • Towels require shelves. If you like keeping your towels in your vanity, an apron shelf under the sink--or sinks, as the case may be--lets you stack the towels high.
  • Prefer a clean look. Stick with vanity cabinets with doors to hide styling tools, overflow supplies or lesser used items, like special occasion cosmetics.

Designing for a Compact Bathroom

While a giant bathroom is ideal for many, some prefer a compact one, especially if you live in a popular neighborhood with lots of condos or apartments. After all, small bathrooms can make it simpler to grab what you need, keep the steam billowing and for easy cleanup.

  • Choose a slim vanity that relies on cabinet and drawer storage instead of counter space.
  • Pair your vanity with a medicine cabinet for extra storage all in one area.
  • Try modular storage or towers for things like towels, organizing baskets and other personal care.

Once you've discovered the versatility of bathroom vanities, redesigning your bathroom becomes easier than you imagined.