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Bathroom Furniture That Really Changes Your Space

Get into the idea of new bathroom furniture--without any major upgrades. Think of these furniture upgrades as medium-effort, giant pay-off. It might take you a couple of hours on a weekend to do something like hook up a new vanity, revamp your bath storage or hang gorgeous bath mirrors, but the impact you can make is incredible and long-lasting. Shop today to discover all the ways you can create a beautiful bathroom.

Deciding What To Refresh First

Start where you know you can make a major change. Every bathroom is different, so consider your layout, natural lighting and light fixtures, plus where a functional change would make life easier for everyone in the house.

  • Vanity swaps are incredibly satisfying. It's a one-piece selection that includes the fun add-ons of choosing new hardware--but it makes the entire room look like you did a full remodel. If you need more counter space, better drawers or a clean, new sink, this is your choice.
  • You can make a big difference with bath mirrors, too. Put one over your new vanity or just add the appearance of more room by hanging a reflective glass on a large wall. Choose a frame style to call out what's already special about your bathroom.
  • Bath storage can ease the busiest mornings and make evenings a time to sink into self-care. Shelving units, floating shelves, trays, cabinets and more offer an array of solutions for a reorganization.

Adding The Perfect Accessories

Discover bathroom furniture that offers functional perfection and high-design sensibility. Larger accessories create a polished look as if you hired an interior decorator to nail the finishing details.

  • Hampers and laundry systems get clothes off the floor, make laundry day easier and showcase your smooth lifestyle with beautifully made pieces.
  • Shelving is sometimes all it takes, especially when you have boxes, baskets and trays to arrange. Choose shelves over old bathroom furniture for a lifted look.
  • Baskets and organizers can seriously revolutionize your life when there's a place for everything and that place is warm, inviting and stylish.

Set The Mood with Lighting

Highlight the furniture you love with new lighting. Spotlight mirrors, plants or other bathroom decor.

  • Flush-mount lights hug the ceiling and diffuse light across a room.
  • Lantern sconces look great at the sides of a mirror or even by a door in a large bathroom.
  • Downlight sconces are classic over a mirror, especially in groups of three or more bulbs.

Get Cozy with Linens

Be sure to pick up a stack of cozy, fluffy towels to go with your new furnishings. Strong furniture finishes, like the ones you find at Pottery Barn, are most enjoyable when paired with a soft texture.