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Find Medicine Cabinets to Improve the Look and Function of Your Bathroom

From extra bottles of shampoo to those occasional over-the-counter remedies for headaches and heartburn, medicine cabinets are a must-have in terms of bathroom storage. Whether you're upgrading your master suite, redesigning the guest room or adding a whole new room to your home, getting the bathroom right is essential.

Use this guide to find medicine cabinets that match your style and offer the bath storage space that you need.

Medicine Cabinet Styles

Bathroom cabinets come in a wide range of looks designed to match your interior design concept and overall design scheme. They also come in multiple styles that make them more efficient depending on your bathroom setup. Here are a few styles to look at when shopping for medicine cabinets for your home:

  • Recessed cabinets. Designed to be built into your walls, recessed cabinets are an ideal option for a sleek, modern look. They're also great for smaller bathrooms where a wall-mount option might take up too much space.
  • Wall-mount cabinets. Easy to install, wall-mount cabinets can be hung right on your wall without making any alterations. That's why they're often chosen for guest spaces or rental properties where you can't make major improvements. Of course, they'll work in any bathroom, and if you pick the right style for your room, a wall-mount option will look great.
  • Pull-out cabinets. Offering panels that open from the side, pull-out cabinets typically feature a mirror and two side panels that open to the left and right for storage. Pull-out cabinets are wall-mount styles, but they're even better for small spaces since a main door doesn't have to open outward.

Available Finishes

Bathroom storage is a must-have, but your new cabinet has to look good while being functional. Check out these finishes to match your existing hardware or give your whole bathroom a style update:

  • Wood. Cabinets in natural wood tones can match your decor and give your bathroom a down-to-earth look. Painted wood styles provide a more transitional or modern touch to your bathroom.
  • Polished and satin nickel. A perfect pick for most bathrooms, polished nickel and satin nickel bathroom cabinets can blend seamlessly with your existing hardware.
  • Chrome. Going for a modern look that's bold and sophisticated yet completely tried and true? Go for a chrome medicine cabinet in your contemporary space.
  • Brass. Looking to match your existing brass hardware or finish your bathroom with an art deco or Regency touch? Choose brass bath storage to get the look right.
  • Antique bronze. Get a little old-world charm in your bathroom with a classic antique bronze medicine cabinet. Antique bronze can add serious depth to your bathroom too and it's especially at home in more opulent master bathroom suites.

Make the most of your bathroom with the right medicine cabinet and storage options from Pottery Barn. Check out our bath accessories like hampers and wastebaskets to really get your bathroom organized.