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Beautiful Bathroom Mirrors and Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

A good mirror is a must-have in any well-functioning bathroom. It is usually centered over the bathroom sink and lit by overhead sconce lighting or twin lights on either side. In a basic powder room, a simple mirror may suffice, but in the main bath, you may prefer a mirror or cabinet with extra features like storage. Choose from a variety of great mirrors and bathroom mirror cabinets built to coordinate with any bathroom decor.

Bathroom Mirrors

If you have a sufficient amount of cabinets and wall shelves to handle your bathroom storage, a basic bathroom mirror is all you'll need. Bath mirrors are available in traditional rectangular designs or unique rounded styles. Some feature thick wooden frames while others have modern metal settings. While basic mirrors act as a simple reflective surface, others come with extra features that increase their utility.

  • Backlit mirrors come with built-in LED lighting which creates a soft and natural glow, perfect for applying makeup.
  • Pivot mirrors can be gently moved vertically or horizontally to reveal different angles, allowing you to see different views of yourself or your outfit as necessary.
  • Mirrors with shelves give you an extra surface to keep items that are used daily, like perfume and toiletries. They are generally wide enough to accommodate a toothbrush holder or other bathroom counter accessories.
  • Double wide mirrors are incredibly useful in bathrooms with dual sinks or a wide vanity cabinet. Instead of hanging two regular-sized bath mirrors, use these extra wide mirrors so you won't lose an inch of reflective surface.

Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

In smaller bathrooms, tools and furnishings that have more than one use are always welcome. Mirrored cabinets not only offer a reflective surface for getting ready but also feature a good amount of hidden storage for small items like vitamin bottles, hair products, spare toothbrushes and much more. There are two main types of medicine cabinets.

  • Wall-mounted cabinets mount directly to the wall using the mounting hardware included with the cabinet. They can be mounted to most flat walls in most bathrooms.
  • Recessed cabinets look like wall-mounted cabinets from the front but take up much less space. The cabinet fits neatly into a hole made in the wall, giving you all the storage space without the width of a regular cabinet. Recessed cabinets should be installed by a professional.

While mirrors are mostly used to get ready in the morning, they also come with eye-catching modern or traditional frames that greatly enhance the room's overall look. Blend style with practicality with beautiful mirrors and bathroom mirror cabinets from Pottery Barn. Choose from basic varieties or upgrade to mirrors and medicine cabinets with extra features like storage and built-in lighting. Install a coordinating bathroom vanity cabinet then finish with sconce lights and other decorative accents to complete the look.