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Brightening Your Bathroom with Bathroom Sconces

The right bathroom lighting can transform your bathroom from basic and boring into a beautiful spa retreat. When paired with stylish ceiling lights, bathroom sconces help to brighten any dark corners in the room and create a welcoming atmosphere. Plus, having extra lighting will also help you to see more clearly as you get ready in the mornings.

Choosing the Right Sconce

Unlike most light fixtures, bathroom sconces are installed on the wall, not on the ceiling. Depending on where they will be placed, certain sconces are more appropriate than others.

  • Single sconces feature one single light bulb and take up little wall space. Because they're so small, they can be placed just about anywhere.
  • Single sconces are often purchased in pairs and placed on either side of the bathroom mirror to create visually appealing symmetry. They can also be placed above bathroom wall art to showcase your bathroom decor.
  • Double sconces feature two light bulbs and thus provide double the light. These sconces can be used in the same way as single sconces and are a great choice for dark bathrooms.
  • Sconces with three or more bulbs are quite large and provide ample lighting. These fixtures are usually centered above the bathroom vanity cabinet.

Shade and Fixture Options

Single, double and triple sconces come in an assortment of styles to suit modern and traditional spaces. To ensure the sconces won't look out of place in your bathroom, it's important to consider both the style of the light shade and the base fixture.

  • The sconce shades can be crafted of clear glass, frosted glass or metal. Clear glass shades provide the most light while colored metal shades provide the least. Frosted glass sconce shades are the most popular choices as they create soft, filtered light.
  • Sconce shades are also available in a few different shapes, with hanging bell-shaped shades being the most common variety. These shades are perfect for above the bathroom mirror as their light is directed downwards. Horizontal or vertical tube-shaped lights are another popular choice. These shades allow the light to spread across the room rather than staying fixed to one spot.
  • The base of these light fixtures is available in beautiful metallic shades like silver and gold. These shiny fixtures match well with standard sink faucets and are an eye-catching addition to any bathroom. Sconce fixtures are also available in sophisticated matte black.

Installing Bathroom Sconces

Installing sconces in your bathroom is no simple task. Because they must be wired to the households existing wiring system, it is recommended to consult an electrician instead of attempting the hardwiring yourself. Once the sconces are installed, a simple flick of the light switch will flood your bathroom with light.

  • Because these sconces are designed to proper bathroom standards (UL- or Damp UL-listed), the lights will not be damaged from water spills or shower steam.
  • Coordinating light bulbs are available for most of these light fixtures so you can purchase everything you'll need in one easy click.

Add gorgeous bathroom sconces to your ensuite or powder room and say goodbye to dark and dreary bathrooms forever. These practical and stylish fixtures brighten up your bathroom vanity or any other blank wall space in the room. With dozens of gorgeous colors and styles to choose from, these sconces will make a great addition to your powder room, main floor bathroom or ensuite.