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Enjoy Function and Style With Bathroom Faucets

Upgrading your bathroom faucets instantly elevates your space. Pottery Barn's collection of faucets includes sink faucets and bathtub faucets available in an array of shapes and finishes. Whether you desire a modern touch or a traditional look, this collection of faucets offers something for every home. Learn more about this collection before selecting the right style for your bathroom.


Bathroom faucets available at Pottery Barn come in several finishes. Each style comes in multiple finishes, allowing for perfect coordination with your home. Metallic finishes prove versatile and they're easy to coordinate with other hardware in your bathroom, including hardware found on bathroom vanities. Select from finishes that include chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, antique bronze and brass.


Sink faucets and bathtub faucets are designed for durability. They're crafted of sturdy solid brass. Solid brass promises a long life and it won't rust or corrode despite daily exposure to water. As a result, these faucets are worth the investment because they're designed to last.

Silhouettes and Styles

Select from several different styles of bathroom faucets to find the one that's right for your space. When you're shopping for sink faucets, consider the type of handles that you prefer. Dual handles allow you to control hot and cold water operation with two separate levers. You can select from T-shaped cross handles or lever handles. Both styles deliver functionality, so select an aesthetic that you prefer. You can also choose from vanity-mounted and wall-mounted styles, so consider the layout of your bathroom when choosing an installation option.

Shower faucets can transform how you bathe. These faucets come in a range of styles that allow you to customize your shower. For instance, choose a style featuring a handheld shower handle for a luxurious showering experience. Many of these showers feature cross handles for easy operation of both hot and cold water. Coordinating showerheads allow you to complete your shower upgrade. When selecting faucets for your shower, consider the overall aesthetics of your space, including the bathroom finishes, shower curtains and bathroom rugs.

You don't need a full renovation to transform your bathroom. Simple upgrades can have a serious impact. Bathroom faucets available at Pottery Barn come in many styles and finishes, which means there's one for your space. Whether you want to upgrade your sink, shower or both, you can find the right faucet for your bathroom.