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Step Up Your Bathrobe Game for Daily Wear

For those who dream of wearing a bathrobe just a little more often, you're in luck. Pottery Barn has a fantastic collection of faux fur, cotton and terry robes for you to lounge, warm up, cool down, refresh and prepare for the day or slumber ahead. Explore the beauty of staying in your robe for comfort, relaxation and even style.

Finding New Times to Wear Your Robe

Almost everyone slips into a robe to pad to the bathroom or move around for a midnight snack, but your robe can become a luxurious home wear garment to enjoy across multiple times--or maybe all times on a day off.

  • Mornings deserve a little extra comfort. Prepare for the day ahead by staying in a fuzzy robe while you lay out clothes, pack a bag or make lunch to take to work.
  • Evenings can turn into robe time right away. Indulge in a welcome-home routine for yourself and make sure your bathrobe features prominently in the proceedings.
  • At-home spa days are prime bathrobe time. Choose a traditional cotton style to relax and enjoy face masks, pedicures and more.
  • Weekends don't technically require anything beyond your robe if you choose to stay home. Head down to the mailbox or out to the deck. Both qualify as robe-appropriate.
  • Al fresco breakfasts or brunch under an umbrella on your patio are great for robes, too.

Which Type of Robe Is Best for You?

Give into luxury when it comes to materials. Since this is an item you'll wear a lot, you want one that you know is made of durable fabric, washes easily, dries quickly and keeps its color, softness and fullness.

  • Organic cotton robes are a classic start to a collection. Go for a foldover collar, a belt, pockets and whatever other details you know make you happy.
  • Waffle weave adds a nice texture against your skin and can be good for absorbency after a shower or bath.
  • Faux fur adds the sumptuous mood you crave. The variegated colors across an item, meant to mimic the depth of real fur, are particularly beautiful.
  • Hooded robes keep the heat all over your body. They make you feel extra-snuggly, too.

Adding A New Robe to The Rotation

When deciding on a new robe, have some fun creating a whole homescape of coordinated pieces. Match your bath towels, coordinate with a bold shower curtain, dress everything up with initials and don't forget the slippers.

Pairing Up with Slippers

Once you've decided on a robe, grabbing a pair of matching slippers is the clear next step. A crisp white terry slide works for all robes if you're undecided. Feel free to deck out your pair with your initials, too, especially if you monogram your robe.