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Indulge in The Best Bath Linens

Does your bathroom need a quick refresh? Shop for sumptuous new bath linens to make the most of an easy upgrade. While more in-depth transformations are possible when you do things like change out a vanity or hang new mirrors, changing the linens is a simple way to feel like a lot is new. Shop bath towels, mats, shower curtains and more to enjoy the boost you get from an easy rejuvenation.

Upgrading Your Bath Towels

Start the transformation by upgrading your bath towels. Since you use your towels every day, if not more often, this is a powerful swap that can bring a lot of joy to your regular routines.

  • Indulge in organic. Towels made of organic cotton use fewer chemicals in their production and, as a result, some people prefer the feel of these towels. Organic cotton is soft, absorbent and easy to wash and dry.
  • Discover the visual appeal of jacquard towels and other bath linens. Jacquard is a textured woven technique that gives your towels a cushy feel and luxurious look.
  • When you pick out your towels, add hand towels or other matching bath linens to your selection. By outfitting your bathroom with towel sets, you create a polished impact that shows you paid attention to every detail.

Picking Beautiful Tub Mats

Treat yourself to a better bath mat as part of your linen refresh. These mats are a necessity in every bathroom. They keep the floor dry. They help you prevent slipping and they add a final layer of decorative harmony to your space.

  • Match your bath mat to your towels. If you go through a few mats a week, try complementary colors in the same pattern or a rainbow of adjacent hues for fun.
  • Try a memory foam bath rug to add cushy pleasure to your step when you enter the room or step in or out of the shower. Place one in front of the sink for extra satisfaction underfoot.
  • Jacquard and other textures can help soak up a little more water or add a light massaging effect to the soles of your feet. The feel is lavish without being overly bouncy.

Finding The Right Robe for You

Once you've swapped out your basics for beautiful new versions, indulge in the comfort of a new bathrobe. When selecting new bath linens, you can replace your old robe with a fresh, cozy one that suits your style. Some people prefer a terry cotton or waffle knit. Others go right for faux fur and another touchpoint of luxury.

Many people have more than one robe, so this time, go for the one that matches the new towels.