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Refresh Your Bathroom Accessories Set

Enjoy a new bathroom accessories set to freshen up your countertops. A collection of useful holders, trays and organizers makes getting through morning and evening routines joyful and easy. Look for chic finishes that complement your bathroom decor and see how these luxe swaps give the room a new feel.

Make A Quick and Easy Change

Give yourself the benefits of an easy transformation. If you're looking for a quick way to upgrade the look of your bathroom, start by reconfiguring your daily essentials. You can take this simple action on its own or as part of a bigger renovation.

  • Begin by selecting a new bathroom accessories set, including a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser or dish, jars for cotton swabs or pads and trays for jewelry or beloved formula bottles.
  • Then, take your favorite formulas and grooming tools from your medicine cabinet.
  • Make space for them by your sink, either directly on the vanity or on adjacent shelving.
  • Place everything so that it's close at hand and looks amazing. Move things around as you use them to get the best bathroom flow.

Transform Your Bathroom Decor

When you're undertaking a bigger change, consider your bathroom accessories set as one of the final touches of your remodeling options. If you love a particular set, work other details into the room to correspond with your choice.

  • Discover new materials and finishes, like a black matte ceramic set for major sophistication.
  • Upgrade everything with marble, including a gorgeous Monique Lhullier set.
  • Stick with traditional or pressed glassware or white ceramic for an apothecary-influenced style.
  • See how wicker can add a cozy touch in a streamlined, modern bathroom.

Adding Fun Extras

Let yourself have fun with extra accessories to match the basics. While most people have a toothbrush holder, not everyone has a galvanized tin jewelry tray or a monogrammed, polished silvertone tissue box cover.

  • Makeup storage, especially when mirrored, adds flair and style to your face routine.
  • Don't forget monogrammed soaps. They're a simple touch that shows you remembered every detail. They make great gifts, too.
  • Sea sponges, decanters and more let you enjoy a spa-like experience at home.

The little touches are what makes a bathroom feel like your bathroom. Let your sense of style take over in every corner of your home, including the bathroom countertops and shelves.