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Go Plush with Bath Towels

Indulge in the bath towels you've always wanted. With Pottery Barn's selection of plush, cozy bath sheets, hand towels, washcloths and mats, there are no excuses for not having a soft pile of towels nearby whenever you need one. Choose from different colors, patterns, cloth types and sizes to outfit your bathroom the way you deserve.

Which Towels Should You Get?

Picking which type of towels to get presents an easy breakdown. From thick to ultra-thick and even sculptured, the way to choose is based purely on which you like best.

  • Classic terry cotton is a family favorite. It's easy to launder, still amazingly cozy and absorbent, plus you can stock up on a stack to go through several every day.
  • Organic cotton is another standby for towel fabric. Enjoy the crisp, clean feel of organic cotton on your face and body.
  • Look to technologically-advanced fabrics that look and feel incredible, like Tencel™, sourced from responsibly managed forests. Creation includes a sustainable, closed-loop process.
  • Go wild with the textures. Look for intricate textural patterns, sculpted styles that are raised or reminiscent of bas relief and reversible choices that double up on the softness and good looks.

How Many Towels Do You Need?

The number of towels you need depends primarily on how many people are in your family or how often you have guests. Bigger families need more towels--sometimes, lots more!

  • For bath towels or sheets, make sure you have enough so that everyone can shower once daily. In some families, active or athletic pursuits require you double up on towels, too.
  • You can almost never have enough hand towels. Use these for washing your face, drying your hands, placing on countertops to lay out personal items or bottles and so much more.
  • Make sure you have a stack of washcloths, too. These simple squares are wonderful to keep in the shower at a fresh, steady rotation.

What To Monogram

One of the joys of new towels is monogramming them. This is a classic home item with which to emblazon your initials. Choose first letters to assign a few towels to each member of the family, go with surname initials or mix it up as you see fit.

Monogram towels are especially luxurious when paired with robes and slippers that feature an initial, too.

How much you monogram in a bathroom is up to you, but you can usually get away with more in the bathroom.