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Add Charm and Whimsy to Your Outdoor Living Space With Pottery Barn Garden Decor

Tuck a beautiful fountain between lush plants, nestle a charming sculpture near your favorite flowers or outfit your outdoor accent tables with wire-framed decor from Pottery Barn. Create the perfect outdoor living space, alluring and packed with charisma, by choosing garden decor you - and your guests - will love.

Garden Fountains

Relax with the tranquil sound of bubbling water and provide birds with a refreshingly cool rest stop by adding a garden fountain to your outdoor living space. Choose a Zen-inspired stone fountain to promote tranquility and serenity, a boldly designed Mediterranean-style fountain that creates an exotic look or a charming infinity bowl-style fountain that adds elegant appeal.

Pottery Barn Tip: Choose a garden fountain that's UL-listed for safe outdoor use and raise your fountains off the ground or bring them indoors during the winter months.

Sculptures and Garden Objects

Create a peaceful oasis in your backyard with a handcrafted sculpture or garden object. Cute gnomes, carefully sculpted fish and other aquatic creatures, exotic animals and wire garden spheres make fabulous additions to any garden and they're a wonderful alternative to water fountains. You can choose between cast stone, which comprises sand, stone, water and cement, or resin - both are durable and able to stand up to whatever weather mother nature sends your way.

Birdhouses to Make Your Backyard More Lively

Attract your favorite bird species with a delightfully elegant birdhouse with a removable back wall for easy cleaning. Choose one with drainage holes that help keep nests dry, water-based paint that's safe for your feathered guests and an ingress and egress point that allows enough space for birds like wrens, finches and chickadees.

Live Ivy Topiaries and Faux Boxwood for Your Patio, Porch or Terrace

Bring lively foliage to your patio with animal-shaped or letter-shaped ivy topiaries made from galvanized steel. Live ivy topiaries from Pottery Barn are made with tree moss and English Shamrock Ivy and grown in greenhouses in Half Moon Bay and they grow best on covered porches or patios, as well as indoors in well-lit areas.

Faux boxwood is the ideal choice when you're looking for timeless elegance. These pristinely trimmed topiaries look genuine, but there's no need to water or prune them - they're always in the perfect shape. Choose a single-, double- or triple-ball tree, a beautiful spiral or a cone and ball combination to complement your outdoor decor. Faux boxwood looks amazing when paired with teak, wicker or metal outdoor furniture.

The right garden decor can make a tremendous style impact in your backyard living space. Sculptures, fountains and birdhouses adding definitive and create a relaxing, peaceful oasis that you, your family and your guests will love to use.