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Personalize Your Entryway with Door Mats

Adding decorative flair to your front door is as easy as rolling out a new mat. Small, colorful welcome mats are ideally shaped to fit in the small, unused space in front of your door to greet guests as they arrive. These door mats are not only pretty, but also serve a functional purpose, trapping dust and dirt before it can invade your home.

Key Benefits of Using Entry Mats

Introducing entry mats to your front and back doors is a small step, but one that will make a big impact decoratively and functionally. There are many benefits to using door mats in your home:

  • Welcome mats create a great first impression at your front door. Not only do they add warmth to your front entryway, but they'll also give your guests a sneak peek into your unique decorating style.
  • Setting a mat at your entryway also helps to keep mud, dust and dirt out of your home. By wiping your shoes on the mat before entering, outdoor grime stays contained to one spot instead of ending up all over your shoe storage bench.
  • These mats also let you dry off at the door, preventing snow or rainwater from melting and sinking into your floors. For extra protection, be sure to layer a rug protector under the mat.
  • Personalized entry mats let you display your family name with pride at the front door. These printed welcome mats instantly make your home feel relaxed and inviting. They can be personalized with a simple monogram or with your family's full last name.
  • You can also use printed mats to help redecorate your home for the changing seasons. Floral mats look great in the spring when the flowers are in bloom and bright geometric prints are fun to use in the summer. In the colder months, seasonal mats are a festive way to embrace the holiday season.

Other Creative Uses for Door Mats

Though entry mats are most often used at the front or back door, they can also be useful in other ways. These small mats are made of durable materials that allow them to be used in a variety of high-traffic areas around the home.

  • If you have pets at home, you know how messy they can be. Place a mat under their pet food bowls to limit the mess at feeding time.
  • In the kitchen, these small rectangular mats are the perfect size to slip into the space next to the sink. They'll provide slight cushioning to prevent fatigue as you wash dishes.
  • Floor mats for entryways are not limited to the front or back door. They can also be placed in doorways throughout the home. Try using them at French doors in the kitchen, in hallway entryways or at bedroom doors to add a little warmth and style to these spaces.

Whether you need a rug for an indoor or outdoor doorway or another small space around the home, you'll find the right door mat at Pottery Barn. Choose from a variety of pretty and practical door mats including mats for everyday use, special monogrammed mats and seasonal favorites. These hardworking mats add style, protect your floors and minimize dirt tracking to keep your home looking clean and bright.