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Add Extra Style to Every Room with Decorative Accessories from Pottery Barn

The big pieces of furniture in your home like your dining table, sofa or sectional bring a lot to the table when it comes to your overall room design. Along with your window treatments and essentials like rugs, you've done most of the heavy lifting already. Now you just need the right decorative accessories to help you add the finishing touch to your room.

Not quite sure where to start when it comes to accessories? We get it. Use this guide to learn more about decorative accessories and the wide range of options you can shop for at Pottery Barn.

What Decorative Accessories Can I Buy?

Choosing the perfect decorative objects for your home can feel a little bit overwhelming. After all, there are tons of different options to choose from. Don't worry - all those choices just mean that you can get the perfect pick for your home. Here are a few popular decorative objects and accessories you can shop for at Pottery Barn:

  • Decorative bowls and trays. Perfect as catch-all objects for items like car keys in your entry area, decorative bowls and trays can also add character to your coffee table, side table or vanity. Combine small and large trays or go for an oversized option if you're designing a formal living room or den.
  • Vases and planters. An ideal vessel for plants from your garden or artificial flowers from our lineup, vases and planters come in classic styles and bold, colorful options. Look for tabletop vases or shop for large floor-standing for bigger rooms.
  • Stylish bookends. Line up your favorite novels on a shelf or showcase your selection of non-fiction titles on your bedside table. Match existing decor elements or go for a classic set of bookends made from materials like wood or natural stone.
  • Tabletop sculptures and objects. From modern geometric sculptures made from coral to classic globes that are perfect for your home office, it's easy to find tabletop sculptures and objects that work with your interior design scheme. Look to mix-and-match small and large items to give your surface a better sense of depth and dimension.
  • Tabletop mirrors. Add visual depth to your living room or bring a polished touch to your vanity with tabletop mirrors from Pottery Barn. Look to match your existing fixtures for a cohesive, smart look.
  • Wall art. No home is complete without a little bit of art on the walls. Create a gallery wall with multi-piece installations or go for a larger print to make a singular statement. Framed, canvas and wall-sculpture pieces are available.

Turn every room in your home into a designer-inspired space that looks like it was taken right from the pages of your favorite magazine with decorative accessories from Pottery Barn. We can also help you find functional items like bathroom and countertop accessories that offer more than just form.