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Creating Depth with Decorative Boxes and Trays

Discover how wonderful your home looks when you create depth and dimension in every room. An expanse of fine wood or glass surfaces is lovely, but you can help your furnishings stand out even more when you add carefully designed centerpieces, home accents with flourish and personal touches that are all your own. Decorative boxes and trays provide the foundation for these tableaus so that you can stack, gather and arrange accents for an incredible transformation.

Designing A Centerpiece with A Decorative Tray

One of the easiest ways to lend a new look to an area in just a few hours or less is to design a centerpiece. Plan on using three to four elements to create a full, yet balanced look atop a piece of furniture, like a coffee table or dining table.

  • Start with a decorative tray you love. If you want your other elements to lend height, then choose a shallow tray.
  • You can select one with more ornate details since it's low-profile.
  • Choose between elements like candles, succulents, vases, bowl fillers and art objects. Then, arrange the elements in the way you think looks most pleasing.
  • For an edgy look, leave half the tray empty to show it off or select a runner to ground the tray.

Using Decorative Boxes for Height

For a bigger look, try decorative boxes. These boxes let you create a riser effect when you place other elements on top of them or can be filled to double as a vase with baubles inside.

Another way to enjoy decorative boxes is to pair them with lanterns or hurricanes. These home accents are a unique style of decorative box--their purpose is to hold a light, either a candle or bulb--but they look great when stacked next to jewelry boxes, trays or deep bowls.

Relying on Boxes and Trays as Catch-Alls

You can also use a decorative tray or box to hold your jewelry or other small objects and personal items. This is a modern way to keep tiny items at hand or on display that also lets you be sure you won't lose them.

Place these boxes and trays next to the sink for rings, by a bedside table for earrings or on a dresser for a watch. You don't have to replace your jewelry box, but you can create satellite spots for your precious gems to rest.

Explore the decorative capabilities of these beautifully crafted pieces to bring ease and beauty into your home.