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Freshen Up Blank Walls with a Decorative Wall Clock

The walls of your home are a blank canvas just waiting to be decorated with gorgeous items like picture frames or wall art. But while these decorative accents are pretty, they're not particularly functional. A wall clock is a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to any wall. These clocks come in gorgeous modern and traditional designs that will add style to your walls while keeping you on schedule.

Clock Types

Decorative clocks are available in the standard circular shape, modern squares, rectangles and a handle of other irregular shapes. While circles or rectangles are the most common choices, you can make a statement by hanging a propeller-shaped clock on your walls. The clock frames come in gorgeous metallic shades like silver and gold as well as basic matte shades like black and white. The clock faces can be white with black numbers or black with white or gold numbers and the clock hands are usually black.

While the clocks at Pottery Barn come in various shapes, sizes and colors, there are only two clock face numbering styles:

  • Standard wall clocks use the basic numbering system and are printed with whole numbers from one to twelve. With these easy-to-read numbers, a quick glance is all it takes to tell the time.
  • Some wall clocks use Roman numerals instead of standard numbers. While they might not be quite as easy to read, these clocks offer a gorgeous antique feel that looks great in rustic and traditional settings.

Wall Clock Placement

Decorative clocks can be placed on the wall in any room with blank wall space. Not only do they look nice, but by being placed in strategic spots around the home, they'll help you to remain on schedule at all times. Because they are battery operated, they can be hung on just about any wall with no wires or outlet needed.

  • The most common place to hang clocks is on kitchen walls. As a central hub for meals and gatherings, it's important to know the time when you're in the kitchen. Mount these clocks high on the kitchen wall so you can check the time from any angle.
  • In the bedroom, place the wall clock within sight of the bed so it can be seen immediately upon waking. Having a clock in the bedroom allows you to watch the time as you get ready for your day.
  • Living room clocks are mostly used for their decorative properties but are useful tools for when guests are visiting. Consider hanging the clock alongside a row of mirrors with matching frames to create visual symmetry.
  • A simple clock hung above the desk in your home office doubles as a decorative feature and a practical way to keep track of time. You can also choose a handy wall clock with built-in storage bins for extra functionality in the office. These bins are the perfect size for holding loose papers or file folders.

Decorative Table Clocks

Clocks may be a popular accessory for dressing up blank walls, but these handy devices are also available in the standalone variety. Table clocks are smaller clocks with flat bases that can sit on just about any flat surface around the home.

  • Keep a stunning silver vintage alarm clock on your bedside table to ensure you never miss a meeting or event.
  • Dress up shelves in your home office or study with a unique clock in the shape of an antique pocket watch. The clock can also be placed directly on your office desk.
  • Place a decorative hanging pendant clock on your entryway table to greet guests and give your home a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Some unique table clocks come with an attached picture frame so you can display a photograph of friends or family. Add one of these clocks to the living room on a sofa table or bookshelf so you'll always see a friendly face whenever you check the time.

A decorative wall clock is a beautiful and functional addition to your home. With various styles and colors to choose from, you can dress up the blank wall space in your bedroom, living room, kitchen or office with a decorative accent that matches your design style. And if you'd rather not hang your clock, these are also various smaller table clocks to choose from that can be placed on any flat surface in the home. With a stylish clock in every room of the home, you'll never again have to worry about losing track of time.