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Enjoy Plush Comfort with Pillow Inserts

Replace old, worn pillows with new pillow inserts from Pottery Barn. They come in a wide variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your pillow cover. These inserts let you preserve your favorite pillow covers instead of having to replace them.

Types of Pillow Inserts

Pottery Barn has two main types of pillow inserts from which to choose -- down and down alternative. Check out some of the features of these inserts if you're not sure which is right for you:

  • Down Inserts: This type of insert is filled with 100 percent duck feathers, making it incredibly fluffy and soft. The feathers are cleaned using a process that renders them hypoallergenic, so you don't have to worry about the insert triggering allergy symptoms. These inserts are dry clean only.
  • Down-Alternative Inserts: If you love the feel of a down pillow but don't want feathers, opt for a down-alternative insert. These inserts contain polyester fill that mimics the bouncy softness of an authentic down pillow. Down-alternative pillows are easier to clean, as they can be laundered in the washing machine.

Both types of inserts are covered with a 200-thread-count cotton fabric. They come shrink wrapped but become fluffy as soon as they're unwrapped.

Size Options for Inserts

As previously mentioned, inserts for pillow cases come in lots of different sizes. Some of the size options that may be available include:

  • Standard
  • King
  • Lumbar
  • Bolster
  • Neckroll
  • Square
  • Boudoir

Some of these pillows are great for adorning the bed, such as the standard, king and aptly-named boudoir insert. Others, such as the lumbar and square, are a good choice for placing on your sofa or accent chair in the living room. Achieve a casual, modern look by grouping inserts of varying sizes and shapes.

Covers for Throw Pillow Inserts

Keep your inserts clean and give them a new look with decorative pillow covers, which you can find at Pottery Barn. Throw pillow inserts can be used with throw pillow covers to add a vibrant look to your sofa or accent chair. They come in solids and prints to suit your preferred design style and they're available in various sizes.

Explore the selection of pillow inserts and covers at Pottery Barn to discover plenty of stylish options. You'll also find plenty of other accent items for the home, such as throw rugs, side tables, wall art and other decorative objects.