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Artificial Flowers Are More Beautiful Than Ever

Discover what's new in artificial flowers with gorgeous branches, bunches and stems. These high-quality flowers far surpass what most people expect from faux styles. Thanks to smooth fabric petals, impeccable construction and realistic stems and leaves, you can now create unforgettable displays in your rooms and hallways, covered outdoor areas or at a special event.

The Advantages of Faux Flowers

Faux flowers are finding new levels of popularity as more and more people discover the benefits of these beauties.

  • The conditions in your home are perfect for these flowers. Place them near or away from windows, admire them in any temperature and cross watering off your to-do list forever.
  • Artificial flowers require very little maintenance or care. Dust them off with a soft cloth or feather duster occasionally. Refluff or reposition them within their vases or containers as needed.
  • If anyone in your family deals with allergies, these flowers offer a welcome respite while still affording your home the lush beauty of nature's versions.

Many people are drawn to these selections for events, too, because of their low maintenance requirements when you have a million other details to handle.

For instance, fresh flowers and trees for a wedding require cold or refrigerated storage and carefully timed delivery and set-up in advance of a ceremony or reception--not so with silk flowers or other faux choices.

Features of Gorgeous Artificial Flowers

There are a few basic features that set the finest flowers apart from other selections. For realistic blooms and greenery, plus longevity, shop Pottery Barn's array of artificial sprays, stems and more.

  • High-quality flowers tend to have a matte finish instead of a shiny one. This shows off color washes or saturation and looks more lifelike.
  • The stems on the best artificial styles run a little long, offering  dramatic length so you can display your selections in any vase or other container, or wrap the flowers into garlands as you choose.
  • Look to the stem color for a realistic hue of dark, grassy green with a bit of variegation. Most flowers have some color change throughout, but not always anything very dramatic.
  • Wire is used judiciously in finer flowers. That means there's enough to give the blooms shape, while still appearing natural.

New Trends in Faux Flowers

Explore new artificial flower trends to keep your home updated and looking fresh. Mix-and-match styles for a bespoke design as if a florist decorated for you.

  • Single stems offer drama and demand attention. Use these stems when you want all focus on one flower.
  • Branches can make a statement just like single stems. They include multiple floral grouping on a single branch that may have secondary or tertiary branches, just like nature.
  • Bundles or bunches join multiple stems or branches to create a small bouquet or the beginning of a full one.
  • Potted flowers rest on side tables, credenzas or window sills. Use them in centerpieces or to adorn corners.
  • Vases offer realistic floral styling for your artificial versions. The look is the same as when you display fresh flowers, only without the water.

Enjoy the incredible lushness these flowers continue to bring to your home decor for seasons to come.