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Enhance Your Home with the Beauty of Faux Plants

If you love the look of real plants but don't want the upkeep, opt for faux plants. At Pottery Barn, you'll find a wide selection of artificial plants, including faux potted plants and faux trees. Today's artificial plants look so realistic that it's difficult to tell if they're real or fake. No matter what kind of design style or furnishings you have, artificial plants are a great way to add visual interest to any room.

Decorating with Faux Plants

There are no rules when it comes to decorating with artificial plants, but there are some guidelines that can spark your inspiration. Here are some ideas for gracing your home with botanical beauty:

  • Accent your entryway with one or more faux trees placed in the corner. Artificial trees are great for any area of your home, especially those that look empty or plain. They impart a fresh, nature-inspired look and a burst of green color wherever you place them.
  • If you don't have the space for faux trees, place a grouping of faux potted plants on a shelf in your living room. Artificial plants come in all sizes, so you can find a faux plant that suits the space that you want to fill.
  • An artificial plant makes a stylish table centerpiece, especially if you coordinate the pot with your table setting or dining room color scheme. For island-inspired ambiance, consider a faux bird-of-paradise potted plant. If you like a modern look, go for a faux spiked agave plant in a simple pot.
  • If you're short on surface space, you can't go wrong with a hanging basket. Pottery Barn has faux plants in hanging baskets that let you make the most of your vertical space.

Containers for Artificial Plants

Although many of the faux plants at Pottery Barn come already potted, you can easily change the look by changing the container. Updating your artificial plant with a fresh look is as simple as popping it into a different pot. The selection has traditional terra cotta pots, modern metal containers and plenty of other stylish options. They come in various sizes and some are available in sets.

Shop the array of faux plants for plenty of gorgeous options. Whether you love the desert-inspired appearance of artificial succulents or want to grace your home with faux lavender, there's something in the selection to reflect your style preferences.