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Create A Gorgeous Entryway with A Wreath

Entering your home should be a wonderful experience. Ensure the beauty of your doorway with a gorgeous wreath. These botanical decorations aren't just seasonal--although it's fun to switch yours up every few months. Add visual depth, cheerful appeal and a personal touch with a wreath, garlands and other stems, blooms or greenery.

Selecting An Everyday Wreath for Year-Round

Discover the wide selection of everyday wreaths for your home at Pottery Barn. While you may be used to shopping for Christmas wreaths, a good everyday wreath showcases the natural, organic and decorative materials you love best. Enjoy expressing yourself with charming front-door decor.

  • A simple departure from traditional evergreen is to adorn the door with a ring of flowers.
  • For an on-trend look, choose a live succulent wreath. These low-maintenance plants group together for a living installation you can admire every time you enter.
  • Discover creative takes like live olive, dried lavender, magnolia leaves, grape vines, eucalyptus or a ring of twigs with a faux nest.

By hanging live wreaths, you get to enjoy an organic look, an amazing scent and a fresh style on a regular basis.

Adorn Your Door's Head Jamb with A Garland

Once you've decked out the front door, decorate outwards to create an entryway worth stopping and staring. Garlands offer an extra touch of beauty.

  • Hang a garland along your door's head jamb. The head jamb is the top trim of the doorframe.
  • If you don't have a frame around your door, you can install nails or hooks on which the garland can rest. This is a great way to build a look of depth without having to actually build.
  • Choose a garland that matches your wreath. Shop specialty garlands, like live plum magnolia, amaryllis or olive and myrtle.
  • If your wreath doesn't have a matching garland, choose a year-round garland that plays well with seasonal wreaths. Try eucalyptus or fern versions.

Bring The Holiday Spirit Outside

Holiday time is when most people get excited about hanging wreaths. This is the perfect time to go traditional with a big, fluffy evergreen ring or continue to flex your decorating skills with an unexpected entryway look.

  • Try a variety of winter evergreens instead of the usual fir branches. Juniper has needle-like leaves, but imparts a different look.
  • Select yours based on wintry aromas, like cedar, tallow berries or boxwood branches. The subtle scent is perfect for crisp winter days.
  • Include garland during the winter holidays. Lights, decorations and other accents, like plants in big planters, are equally gorgeous.

This year, your home deserves a set of beautiful wreaths to get you through every season.