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Adorn Your Outdoor Space With Planters

Bring color and a touch of nature to your porch, patio or deck with planters from Pottery Barn. This collection features an array of styles, shapes and sizes, allowing you to find small plant pots perfect for a tabletop as well as large outdoor planters for your favorite blooms. Get your green thumb ready and learn more about Pottery Barn planters.

Outdoor Planter Styles

Pottery Barn's collection of outdoor planters is diverse, allowing you to find a planter that's the right fit for your outdoor space. To begin your search for the right style, consider the size of your space. Perhaps you have a spacious front porch that can handle a large planter. Or, you may be looking for a smaller style to sit on an outdoor table.

Next, explore the different shapes of available patio planters. Square and rectangular styles feature clean lines and a sleek modern look. For a more traditional style, opt for classic round planters that can support an array of plants and flowers. You can find planters that sit low to the ground, which work well displayed on the corner of your patio or deck. To make a bigger statement, opt for taller planters with pedestals. These styles can flank your front door and add a welcoming touch to your home's exterior.

Durable Materials

Pottery Barn's patio planters feature a variety of durable materials, ensuring that they can withstand the elements. Handmade cement planters prove especially durable and feature a waterproof finish that holds up well in rain and snow. Composite clay and fiberglass combine to create a deep-hued planter that's as durable as it is stylish. Classic ceramic pots are sturdy additions to your porch or patio. Galvanized metal planters withstand moisture, making them multifunctional. These planters can display your favorite flowers and even double as a cooler positioned next to your drink dispenser. For a rustic touch, add a cast stone planter to your deck. Finally, consider terra cotta planters for a handmade look.

Versatile Finishes

Plant pots at Pottery Barn are available in many neutral finishes that prove versatile in your space. Use your outdoor space as inspiration as you select patio planters for your home. You might choose a finish that matches or complements the finish of outdoor furniture like dining tables. Select from black, gray, white or, natural cement or terra cotta hues. The neutral colors of these planters allow the natural hues of your plants and flowers to stand out.

Outdoor planters from Pottery Barn allow you to cultivate your green thumb and add natural beauty to your space. With a variety of sizes, styles and finishes, this collection has a planter for every outdoor space. Whether you're adding to your planter collection or just beginning to decorate your outdoor space with plants and other blooms, you're sure to find the right planter for you.