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Keep Cool with Table Fans

Any season can call for table fans. Maybe you're a hot sleeper. A busy office, a bustling kitchen or your in-home treadmill can make you feel like the temperature is creeping upwards, too. The simple solution here is to have your own portable fan that you can adjust to any speed you need. Chic, compact styles fit on the corner of counters, desk and tables for the ultimate in custom-cooling convenience.

What Is A Table Fan?

Table fans are fans that rest on surfaces as opposed to ceiling fans that mount to a ceiling. Many people prefer a table fan because you can point it directly at yourself or close to where you're sitting, whereas a ceiling fan directs air around and downward mostly near where it is mounted.

  • It's important to remember that fans cool people, not rooms. A table fan gives you the chance to control how you cool yourself.
  • The fan blades circulate air. A motor powers the fan blades. Most table fan styles have a plug, although there are some battery-powered types, too.
  • A table fan is portable so that you can use it anywhere you have an outlet.

Floor fans employ the same concept as table fans, only they rest directly on the floor. These versions are usually taller and are most popular outdoors.

Spot Cooling with Portable Fans

Enjoy the customized ability to cool yourself anywhere with portable fans.

  • Move it around your workplace or home office, so that you can enjoy the breeze at your desk.
  • Select a few of a style you love to decorate your home in locations you usually sit.
  • If you switch up your furniture layout, bring the fan with you to your new cozy corner.
  • Point the fan directly at your face or neck for quick cooling.
  • To keep a steady stream of air cooling you, point it towards your torso or just to your side to catch a peripheral breeze.

Different Styles to Match Your Decor

Now that there are so many styles, small fans are becoming more popular. Sophisticated industrial design goes into today's styles so that your selection integrates with your furnishings, artwork and other decor.

  • Vintage fan looks are appealing for their clean, round geometric lines and circular grilles.
  • Modern fans look crisp and rely on thoughtful, minimalist architecture and materials for their appearance.
  • Postmodern fans take a playful bent towards color and material with high-gloss or sherbet colors.
  • Slim profiles are always in demand for convenient use anywhere in your home or office.

Cooling The Outdoors

Discover the comfort of outdoor fans, too. These are particularly vital to your ambience if you love outdoor dining. Enjoy the majesty of your patio or deck while a floor fan or misting fan keeps everyone temperate. Shop for decorative or embellished versions to stay in step with your other furnishings.