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Game Room Games for Year-Round Fun

Discover how much fun it can be to have game room games in your home. From the classics, like pool tables and darts, to quick transformations like table tennis kits, you have a wide array of options for fun. Perfect for those who love entertaining or anyone looking for an excuse to spend more time together as a family, game room games liven up your home in the best way possible.

Creating a Game Room in Your Home

If you can spare an entire room dedicated to recreation, go all out and indulge in a pool table, air hockey, darts and more. If you have an alcove off your living room or plan to renovate a basement, start with a couple of anchor pieces--a bar and a pool table make a great pair--and invite friends over to enjoy your new set-up.

  • The big games are the ones that make the room feel like an official game room. Invest in a high-quality pool table as the focal point of the room.
  • Pool tables make a great centerpiece for your game room games. Find a durable rug in a pattern you love to put under the pool table to create a cozy space where people can settle in to enjoy themselves.
  • Once you select the table that takes up the center of the room, flank the remaining space with fun games, like darts or an inside putting green.
  • Games that only need a slim corridor tuck next to an indoor bar for a space made for good times and memories.

Classic Game Room Games

Select the classics for a game room that everyone enjoys. These modern, high-quality takes on traditional favorites feature beautiful wood construction, saturated colors and finishes and sturdy accents and details that last through years of game play.

  • Select from a variety of pool table styles, including deep brown or gray woods, turned legs and more.
  • Use a table tennis kit to transform your pool table to a table tennis game. This simple change lets you get more out of your game room games with just one quick change.
  • Don't forget air hockey and foosball. These games are old-school favorites that most of your friends probably love. Get a finely made version with saturated wood tones and craftsman-style legs and brackets.

Adding Unexpected Fun for All

Add the unexpected game room games for a space that delights everyone you invite to your home. A putting green is a total favorite with anyone who loves golf outdoors and, for the intellectuals, you can install a Scrabble board on the wall with everything you need to keep score built into the board.

Make this game room the best anyone in your family or social circle has ever seen.