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You Can Never Have Too Many Throw Pillows

Plump up your furnishings with rows of new throw pillows. Decorative pillows are the ultimate home accent, adding style, personality and welcome to every tableau. In the living room, they're a veritable essential. In dining rooms, they add comfort and hospitality to dining chairs. Entertainment dens become pillow forts and bedrooms become even cushier. Discover all the ways you can enhance your home with accent pillows today.

New Ways to Decorate with Accent Pillows

As throw pillows become more popular and more varied in size, style and material, you can begin to use them in new ways. No longer just relegated to the sides of the couch, today's throw pillows pair with other home accents to create warm scenes and curated corners.

  • Pair your accent pillows with throw blankets. To make the pairing feel new, choose thick fabrics and rich jewel-like colors for a luxurious set.
  • Mismatch your throw pillows on purpose. While most people choose a complementary array, you can buck tradition and get in on a new decorating trend. Try six to eight pillows in all different patterns, especially in a neutral or monochrome space.
  • Create an ombre style with your pillows. Select the same pillow and get one of every color. If your favorite pillow only has three colors, get two of each and place the same colors next to each other from light to dark.
  • Explore unusual accent pillows, like lumbar knife-edge styles to support your back or faux alpaca fur for new texture.

Go for Decorative Pillows with Luxe Textures

Texture is key for decorative pillows. While in the past, it's been all about the patterns, the modern approach to interior design insists on look-good, feel-good to pass muster in your home.

  • The faux fur styles out now are of a higher quality than ever. Faux alpaca, ombre washes to mirror crystal fox furs and other ultimately touchable fabrications demand attention.
  • Jacquard has taken on new importance with silk-jacquard blends and tone-on-tone weaves of the variegated patterns.
  • Velvet has always been appropriate, but now you can feel free to go all-velvet. The fabrics you see now are lustrous as ever, but with interesting new colors, like dusky pinks, dove gray and military blue, velvet is getting a whole new audience.

Once you realize all of the wondrous ways to decorate with throw pillows, you may start shopping for them frequently. A good tip to keep your collection strong is to invest in decorative pillow inserts that are firm, fluffy and last a long time. That way, you can swap out pillowcases or upgrade worn inserts as needed.