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    Bathroom Decor To Update Now

    Make it a priority to update your bathroom decor with accessories, furniture and storage. There are so many ways to make a change in your bathroom. Discover how trends, classics and simple refreshes can make one of the most important rooms in your home feel like an entirely new space. Take these ideas to heart for remodels, renovations or just regular weekend updates to your home's accoutrements.

    Look to Quick Trends for Fun Change

    For the quick and easy changes everyone loves, look to new accessories, like hardware fixtures, toothbrush holders, towel organizers, dishes, trays and more.

    • Matte accessories are so stylish right now, especially when you choose long-lasting ceramic, known for its sheen and strength. Try matte black for a sophisticated look.
    • Lots of dusty pinks have been on trend for so long that they've become a new classic. This can totally be the rose garden pink of your grandmother's bathroom.
    • Artisan foundry hardware gives your bathroom a polished finishing touch that makes the whole bathroom look luxe and curated. Hardware especially designed for Pottery Barn is unique and high-quality.
    • Knotted rugs lend a bohemian or California flavor to a bathroom, especially when you have lots of cool surfaces, like stone, marble or tile.

    Streamline with Bathroom Storage

    Get the bathroom organized with bathroom storage updates you can use right away.

    • Enjoy the ease of laundry when you sort clothes into high-quality woven hampers.
    • Minimalist medicine cabinets take a little bit of time to install, but refresh the whole space, especially when you choose a large mirror to make the most of your room's square footage.
    • Countertop accessories are a fun transformation and let you organize the overflow from the medicine cabinet or keep handy the daily essentials.

    Bathroom Furniture Makes A Major Difference

    When you have a little more time to invest, you can choose new bathroom furniture to update your decor. You don't have to do everything all at once--although you definitely can.

    • Wall shelves keep things off counters, but still within reach. They're great for displaying fluffy towels, especially ones with monograms.
    • New vanities give your bathroom decor an entirely new look without having to do any real tear-outs. Just hook yours up to your existing plumbing and start storing all your stuff.
    • Under-vanity storage complements storage you already display, like wicker or woven baskets, glass trays or more.
    • Rugs warm up the room and let you play with color. If you're thinking about repainting or just have, a new rug is in order to have fun with the color.