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    Refresh The Mood at Home with New Lighting

    When it's time for a refresh, lighting sets a new mood in your home. You may love your furniture, but feel like you need a change, anyway. Maybe all you need is to see things in a new light--literally. Shop Pottery Barn for table and floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers and pendants to brighten your rooms and illuminate a new style.

    Take Up New Table Lamps

    Complete a quick and easy glow-up with new table lamps. These tabletop styles rest on desks, accent tables, bedside tables, buffets or sideboards.

    • Put the focus on your work with a new desk lamp. If you like an overhead light mounted to the ceiling, you can choose table lamps with shades for a softer light. For a spotlight effect, try down-bridge lighting fixtures that you can point at what you're doing.
    • In the living room, play with more ornate or experimental styles. Try something you've considered before, like a bright white ceramic in a dark room or glass bottle lamps that reveal wiring for an almost-industrial feel.
    • Bedrooms deserve a soft light or one that lets you choose between settings. Vase lamps are beautiful on bedside tables.

    Line The Walls with Sconces

    For an elegant look inspired by hotels, estates and castles alike, choose wall sconces. These wall-mounted fixtures usually point light upwards, so that it bounces off the ceiling or wall behind it and illuminates in a diffused manner.

    • A row of sconces lines a hallway for easy seeing at night or a gentle way to keep the area lit, but not too bright, during the day.
    • Place sconces by an entryway to create a soothing greeting for guests when entertaining.
    • Set the mood in a dining room with sconces. When paired with chandeliers, the impact is dramatic, yet measured throughout the room for everyone to admire.

    Hang Pendants and Chandeliers

    Create a feeling of depth or designate a divider with hanging lights. Pendants and chandeliers mount to the ceiling and dangle a decorative fixture a few feet below the ceiling.

    • Pendants are often used in modern decor. They look great over kitchen bars, dining tables or even over a cocktail table for extra flair.
    • Chandeliers are traditionally more formal, but new versions include edgy takes on classic motifs, like crystal lighting or minimalist architecture.
    • You can enjoy both kinds of lighting even in the same room. For instance, a long dining table might get a chandelier in the center and coordinating pendants at the ends.

    Customize Your Lighting

    If you're more interested in customizing your lighting, you can do that, too. Check out the PB Classic Custom Lighting shop for style, silhouette, color and finish options all your own.