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    Window Treatments That Accentuate and Inspire!

    If you're just moving into a new home, or want to refresh the look of your current window treatments, check out what's available in the Pottery Barn collection. Here you will find a vast array of affordable choices for stylish curtains and drapes and light-filtering shades.

    • Indoor curtains. Let's start on the inside. If it's blocking out light is what you're after, consider a Pottery Barn's selection of blackout curtains. Color can be as diverse as you want: from gray and porcelain blue to a natural white. If it's the latter, try contrasting the wall with a bright, bold paint color, or decorative artwork. Get drapes on the longer side so they pool at the bottom for a casual look.
    • Blackout curtains. Of all the places in the home, the bedroom is the most obvious choice for blackout curtains. These don't have to be your typical black or brown colors - because of the blackout lining, you can choose any color, such as oatmeal or even a dramatic print. Pottery Barn's blackout curtains are made with a cotton-linen blend for ultimate quality and style.
    • These drapes can also extend to living rooms as well. The addition of extra lighting, such as table or floor lamps, chandeliers and sconces throughout can evoke a cozy, intimate feel to the room.
    • Sheer drapes. If you're looking for something more decorative than functional, consider sheer drapes. They're perfect for lending a light, airy look to a room. Great for playrooms, or for a window in the kitchen where privacy isn't an issue and you want to let some extra light in.
    • Window treatments can also extend to windowed doors throughout the home, such as French doors. Here a Roman shade or custom blind might do the trick if you need that extra separation between your bedroom door and the hall, especially when company is in town.
    • Outdoor curtains. If you've got an outdoor patio or living area where you need some protection from the elements, drapes made exclusively for the outdoors is a great option. Created to protect your area from sun, wind and rain, Pottery Barn's Sunbrella® brand is made of tough weather-resistant acrylic. Simply spot clean for easy maintenance.

    Hanging Them Up

    Once you select your window treatments, you will likely need a rod and bracket to install them. Pottery Barn offers an array of hardware to choose from, which can be just as important as the curtain, shade, or blind itself. Sets of antique bronze, pewter, nickel and brass will go a long way to add that special touch to your window treatment.

    Whether you're looking for a full blackout curtain, a breezy sheer option, or a full-on drape to protect your outdoor haven, Pottery Barn has what you need for window treatments, with styles and functions that will suit any area of the home.