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    Refining The Fine Art of Giving Gifts

    The art of giving gifts is one you can always refine. Close friendships and family relationships come with a lovely responsibility to give openly and often. Celebrate all the birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, housewarmings, personal milestones and more with gift ideas for every occasion. You can shop for smaller tokens or big-ticket items, depending on the event. The main focus, though, remains your care and generosity. See how you can foster better connections through perfect gift ideas.

    Monograms And Personalized Choices

    An easy way to personalize gifts is to monogram them. A monogram is an initial motif placed on a gift item to mark it as special and uniquely belonging to the recipient.

    • If you're monogramming something for a married couple, you could use a single surname initial. This makes a dramatic design statement, but also shows you see their strong bond and love being with them together.
    • For a present for one, you could use a first initial for a casual or personal item or a last-name initial for a formal piece, like a serving platter or leather goods.
    • A monogram is an easy way to upgrade a mid-level gift, too. Just be sure to leave enough time before the occasion for the monogram to be done.

    Spa, Self-Care And Relaxation

    Bless your friends and family with spa gifts to encourage self-care.

    • Self-care presents range from utterly luxurious--like a full-length, hooded robe with matching slippers--to simple and sweet, like lotions and candles.
    • These make wonderful choices for a friend who just earned a promotion or graduated from a demanding program. A little rest and rejuvenation is well-deserved in these instances.
    • If you know of the perfect place near their home, include a gift certificate for a facial or massage tucked into the pocket of a robe. Just be sure to give them something luxe to unwrap to make the most impact.

    Weddings And Wedding Registry Gifts

    For weddings or even anniversaries, take the time to select something spectacular and inspiring.

    Many couples register with The One, a gift registry that lets them select items from Pottery Barn, plus west elm and Williams Sonoma. If the couple isn't registered there, suggest it to them to make gift-giving easy.

    In this case, the gifts they want are easy to get. They've told you exactly what they love.