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Switch Out Your Lamp Shades for An All New Look

Get ready for a fun whole-home challenge. Take a look at all your lamps and imagine how completely different your home would look with new lamp shades. This easy upgrade requires a few minutes of twisting the finial caps on your lamps and replacing the old shades with new ones in a plethora of beautiful colors, textures and silhouettes. Ready to transform your home? It's as easy as shopping Pottery Barn's high-quality selection of shades.

Mix And Match Shades with Your Favorite Lamps

The beauty of trading out lamp shades is there are no rules. If you like a shade, it's the right one. That's because it's so easy to swap them out. A few decorating tips might help you shop more easily, but the final decision is simply the one that makes you happiest.

  • Changing silhouettes can add drama to table lamps that may have been background accents before. You can relegate floor lamps to a quieter role in your design if you choose to favor a new element now.
  • Different lamps in a large open space, like a dining room that opens to a living room, become even more interesting and unique when you give them all the same shade. Make the space cohesive with a low-key choice like burlap or rolled edges.
  • Freshen up a space with all new white shades. Nothing outdoes a brand new white color when it comes to brightening a room.

Try New Textures

Discover how texture can change the atmosphere in a space, too. This is another easy swap, especially if you already love the colors you have in a room. Texture changes are perfect as the seasons roll around, too.

  • Linen lamp shades go great with your summer decor. Since the fabric is lightweight and lightly textured, bulbs gleam through beautifully.
  • Burlap adds a fall touch or simply creates an organic feel in a room full of leather, jute and other natural materials. A burnished or satin-finish metal base looks great with burlap.
  • Cow hide offers a rustic look with a polished finish. Pair it with brass lamps to go upscale or ground more ornate lighting with an earthy feel.

Look for New Silhouettes

Explore new silhouettes or shapes to change the mood in your rooms. Most shades follow simple outlines that you can use to create harmony in a large or compact space.

  • Tapered shades are wider at the bottom and narrower at the top where the lamp finial is.
  • Straight or drum shades have straight edges that give a bold look.
  • Chandelier shades with a curve complement the curve of chandelier arms.

See what kind of changes you can make with this easy trade. Give your lamps a little love and watch the whole house glow anew.