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Indoor and Outdoor Lighting and Light Fixtures

Proper indoor lighting solutions are an essential element in home decorating. The right light fixtures can take even the dimmest rooms and transform them into a bright and welcoming space. In large living spaces, this may include a combination of overhead lighting, wall lights and lamps. And lighting solutions aren't only important for indoor spaces, but front and back porches and outdoor living spaces as well. Brighten up your home with the wide variety of beautiful lights at Pottery Barn.

Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are used throughout the home as the main light source in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and more. They come in various styles and colors and are controlled by a wall light switch.

  • Flush mounts are the most basic type of ceiling light. Since the base of these lights sits flush with the ceiling, flush mounts are the best choice for rooms with low ceilings.
  • Pendant lights consist of a gorgeous light shade that hangs from the ceiling by a chain or rod. These lights are often used in the kitchen and the dining room. Choose from a variety of styles including basic glass or frosted glass pendants, stylish metallic shades or modern geometric pendants.
  • Chandeliers are fancy hanging light fixtures with branched supports that hold multiple light bulbs. These fixtures often come with special glass or crystal gems that beautifully reflect the light. Chandeliers are usually centered over the dining room table but can also be an eye-catching accent piece in bathrooms or bedrooms.
  • Ceiling fans are dual purpose fixtures that light up the room and provide ventilation from the spinning fan blades. Ceiling fans are often used in traditional-style rooms but can also enhance modern spaces.

Lamps and Sconces

Sometimes one ceiling light isn't enough to adequately light a room. Wall lights and lamps provide focused light wherever you need a little extra brightness.

  • Wall sconces are small light fixtures that can be installed on any open wall space. These handy fixtures are available in modern and traditional styles.
  • Table lamps are small and portable lights with a flat base and stylish drum or oval lamp shades. These lamps are often used on bedside tables or console tables in hallways.
  • Desk lamps are a subset of table lamps that come with an adjustable neck, allowing you to focus the light as needed to complete detailed tasks. These handy lamps are usually made of metal and look lovely in any home office.
  • Floor lamps are a great addition to any room in the home. These indoor lighting essentials allow you to illuminate a large, focused area of the room at once. Floor lamps are often used at night when the overhead ceiling light would be too bright.

Outdoor Lighting

At night or on cloudy days, outdoor living areas without lights become unusable. Enjoy your outdoor living spaces anytime with the help of porch lights, outdoor sconces and string lights.

  • Hanging porch lights are light fixtures that can be installed on your porch ceiling or roof overhang. With the right light bulbs, these lights will effectively illuminate the entire area. Choose from flush mount porch lights for porches with low ceilings or add drama with hanging pendant lights.
  • Outdoor sconces function just like indoor wall sconces but are made with durable materials that can stand up to inclement weather conditions. Install these gorgeous lights on walls at the front, back or side of your home.
  • String lights are mostly decorative but will add extra light to your outdoor living space. These lights can be wrapped around a tree, draped over a fence or hung on the roof. Choose from classic white bulbs or pretty colored string lights.

For indoor or outdoor living spaces, Pottery Barn has the right light fixtures to create warmth and add brightness. Choose a decorative ceiling light for every space, then supplement with wall, table and floor lights to complete the look.