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Lighting Sale

When it comes to creating your home decor masterpiece, awesome furniture is just one tool in your artist’s bag. It’s like the central figure in a gorgeous painting. There are tons of other elements you can add to make things even more interesting and powerful. They capture your attention – and that of your guests too – and express your design vision very clearly. What kind of pieces? Playing around with anything that adds color, texture or light has an exponential effect: a little bit of decor has a large effect on the space. When visualizing your dream room, this often means picking out singular light fixtures, artwork, floor coverings, shelves and other accents. At Pottery Barn, we’re like your creative assistant; we stand right beside you, ready to hand you whatever decorative piece you ask for. Check out the selections from our all lighting sale for versatile elements for any room of the house.


Lighting can add a lot of layers to a decorative palette. Different kinds of light fixtures excel at specific tasks, and many handle a number of them at the same time. When you want a room to have a certain vibe – like warm and inviting, or cool and modern – ambient lighting fills the entire space, or at least a large part of it, with tons of personality. That adds a harmonious feel to wherever you wander and whatever you’re doing – sharing drinks with friends, enjoying a fire or reclining to read a favorite novel.


Other lighting works more like a spotlight. It centers a stronger beam of light at a particular spot in the room. Sometimes that helps you to see better – like with a task light for bedroom reading – and other times it makes an impressive piece of artwork stand out even more. By using different light fixtures in the same room, you have complete creative control over every aspect of the space. The end result is a design that’s totally different from any other home. That’s especially true since our lighting is also decorative in its own right. A metallic and reflective surface, for example, produces an effect that’s distinct from a glowing cloth shade. This means that light fixtures can be centerpieces too if you want. What are a few kinds of lighting possibilities?


Chandeliers are a type of pendant lighting that aren’t afraid to make a huge impression. They’re large, gaudy and impressive; and they wouldn’t have things any other way. Chandeliers love attention. They have a strong sense of elegance and luxury too, often thanks to golden elements and layers of breathtaking crystals. What kind of rooms benefit from this ambience? Simply put, anywhere you want. They look amazing above a dining table, a kitchen island or in the entryway. Chandeliers fit beautifully with a sophisticated personality, so feel free to add one to your Victorian-inspired bath or vintage bedroom design as well.


What about other pendants? They’re elegant and beautiful too. Many pendants have a more simply-expressed grace, with smooth surfaces and gentle contours. That makes it easy to pair several pendants in a group – perhaps of varying lengths – for a special touch of art. Pendants excel at all things vintage, retro and minimalist, in any room of the house.


Lighting has a big effect on your home’s outdoor spaces too. A patio cocktail party or Italian courtyard celebration looks even more impressive with distinctive light fixtures. String lights hanging from column to column make things intimate and romantic. A luxurious flushmount gives out a lot of light to keep the party going after dark in a covered patio or balcony, together with a cool breeze, sumptuous food and lots of laughter.


Sconces, floor lamps, table lamps and specialty ambient lights for corners all have a particular effect on your dream room depending on where you place them and the finishes you prefer. They can be modern or rustic, pristine or traditional. There really is no limit to your design possibilities. Bottom line: if you love a certain light fixture, go for it. Then move it around a bit until you’re happy with the way light flows throughout the room.