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New Lighting

Lighting is a big deal in any home. Aside from the practical purposes of keeping things bright, lighting also adds to your home’s decor and says a lot about your personality. At Pottery Barn, there are numerous lighting options so you can bring your own design touches to every room in your home.


Chandeliers add elegance to any room and are a typical choice for large living and dining rooms. Traditional crystal or glass chandeliers glitter on the ceiling over a carefully set dining room table, drawing guests’ attention upward to the ceiling. Contemporary designs often feature unusual shapes and materials that stand out. Consider hanging a smaller chandelier in an unexpected place, like a hallway or large master bath, to bring some sophistication to other areas of your home.


Pendant lighting has an eclectic look that allows you to go retro or a little funky and offbeat. Group some lights in different shapes and sizes over a table or bring a rustic touch to the space with some hanging mason jars. Glass decanter pendants recall the past, while iron and metal pendants with candle-like lights provide a contemporary feel. When the holidays approach, incorporate the pendants into your decorating and tie ribbons and bows to their poles.


Floor lamps fit easily in corners and let you brighten up a dark area in any room. Available in different bases and shades, you can mix and match to create the style you want. For your tabletops, choose from a large selection of table lamps that come in a variety of styles. Select lighting options that give your home the look and feel that you want.