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Stylish Home Flush Mount Lighting

When it comes to ceiling lights, flush mount lighting is one of the most common and most popular lighting options. Flush mounts are lights which feature a flat base that sits flush against the ceiling. This allows them to be used throughout the home, even in rooms with low ceilings. Though all flush mounts have a smooth base, the lights in this category vary greatly in style, color and materials used. With so many design options to choose from, these ceiling lights can fit in decoratively with traditional rooms, modern spaces and everything in between.

Traditional Flush Mount Lighting

Though wood ceiling fans are a popular lighting choice in rustic and traditional living spaces, the right flush mounts can look just as good in a traditional-style home.

  • Traditional design depends on simple, classic pieces with clean lines, so stick to flush mounts in basic round or square shapes.
  • While flush mounts generally do not feature wood as a material, there are many lights to choose from which are crafted of metal and brushed with antique brass or bronze. These warm-toned colors coordinate beautifully with wooden dressers, console tables or other wooden furniture.

Modern Flush Mount Lighting

As in traditional decor, modern decor also favors clean lines. However, the overall color palettes and materials used in both styles differ greatly.

  • Because modern design is a little more adventurous, feel free to choose flush mounts in unique shapes with a geometric influence. These trendy lights make a great accent piece above a metal desk or above a glass table.
  • Look for ceiling lights that use glass, metal or a combination of both to suit modern spaces. Lights which are predominantly black or silver work best.

Fancy Crystal Flush Mount Lighting

Unlike hanging pendants and chandeliers, which hang low from the ceiling and effortlessly draw the eye, flush mount lights usually blend right in with the ceiling. However, there are a handful of flush mounts with gorgeous crystal accents that can be effective as a centerpiece in any living space.

  • Crystal flush mounts are designed to mimic the look of a classic chandelier and feature glass or crystal beads that shimmer and catch the light.
  • Since these lights sit close to the ceiling, they can be used in tight spaces with ceilings that are too low for a standard chandelier.
  • The base of these crystal flush mount lights is often metallic in color, giving them an antique feel.

Flush mount lighting is one of the most versatile lighting options available. Because these lights sit close to the ceiling, they can be used in bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways and all other living spaces throughout the home. With choices ranging from simple bronze lights to fancy crystal lights, you'll find the right flush mount lights for any space at Pottery Barn.