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Browse Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans at Pottery Barn

Stay cool and style your home with a huge range of ceiling fans from Pottery Barn. Whether you're looking for classic contemporary style, vintage-inspired looks or transitional pieces that'll work no matter how you decorate your space, we've got a fan that'll work for you. We've also got a wide range of sizes for small, medium and extra-large spaces.

Adding Ceiling Fans to Your Home

Fans are a big part of the decor in many rooms, but they can do a whole lot more than look good. Here are a few of the top reasons to add fans to your home:

  • They bring exquisite style to your space. Ceiling fans add a great deal of architectural detail to any room. Look for styles that match your traditional, modern or transitional home.
  • Fans help you cool your room without running the air conditioning all the time. Sometimes you don't need a forced air system to lower the temperature just a few degrees. Improve air circulation and you'll feel cooler without spending a fortune on your AC bill.
  • They help move air outside. Outdoor fans make enjoying a meal outside or gathering with friends on the patio much more enjoyable on hot days and stagnant summer nights when there's no breeze to be found.

What Types Can I Buy?

Ceiling fans come in tons of different sizes, styles and looks. Shop for the ideal fan for your home by narrowing down the style you're looking for. At Pottery Barn, you can find traditional, transitional, modern and vintage and industrial-inspired looks for any space. Here are a few of the different fan types you can shop for:

  • Indoor fans. A perfect match for bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms and more, indoor fans come in a range of small and large sizes, as well as myriad looks to help you update your home. Look to match hardware finishes like doorknobs, handles and pulls on pieces of furniture to create a designer-inspired look.
  • Outdoor ceiling fans. Move more air outside and make a breeze even if nature's not on your side. Look for outdoor fans that are damp or wet rated for your patio, deck or outdoor dining area.
  • Fans with lights. Improve air flow and add lighting to your room with a fan that features a light. Ideal for spaces without overhead lighting, you can find both indoor and outdoor options that include an easy-to-use light.
  • Oversized fans. Got an oversized room or ultra-high ceilings? Go for an oversized fan with a big wingspan to make a bold statement and fill up your space. Large fans are also a must in big rooms to help move enough air to cool the room.

Make every space more functional with the right fan from Pottery Barn. Shop online today to find indoor and outdoor options designed to fit your decor.