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Light Up Your Home With Ceiling Lights

Discover how you can transform your home with dramatic ceiling lights. From elegant chandeliers to modern pendants, Pottery Barn has multiple options to bring serious style into your home. Lighting can help set the mood, as well as add brilliant illumination and sparkling style to any room of the home. Before you shop, learn more about the available lighting styles.

Choose a Ceiling Light For Your Home

Ceiling lights have an immediate impact on your space. This Pottery Barn collection includes chandelier, pendants and flush mount fixtures in an array of styles.

  • Chandeliers create a focal point in any room. They feature multiple branches that hold multiple lights that not only help fill in poorly lit rooms but create gorgeous ambient lighting as well. You can also use them as decorative items to add elegance and glamour to any space.
  • Pendant lights hang down from the ceiling on a central cord or chain. They work great for task lighting because they provide a downward, focused light.
  • Flush mount lighting is one of the most common and most popular lighting options. They feature a flat base that sits flush against the ceiling. You can use them throughout your home, even in rooms with low ceilings.

Which Style Is Best?

Pottery Barn has a wide variety of lighting fixtures and styles to choose from. There's no one way to dress up your home.

  • Traditional chandeliers like the Adeline Crystal Chandelier glitter and sparkle over your dining table. For a more dramatic effect, go for the Clarissa Chandelier, made of cascading crystal pendants. Industrial-style chandeliers look great in any modern, rustic or industrial space.
  • Pendant lights are known for their modern drama. The light is usually diffused by a shade and come in many different styles of shades, from globes to lanterns to domes. Try placing multiples in a straight line over a kitchen island or dining room table instead of a chandelier.
  • Traditional flush mounts feature simple, clean lines, whereas modern fixtures might come in unique shapes. Some flush mounts mimic the look of chandeliers feature glass or crystal beads that shimmer in the light.

Find Other Types of Lighting

Browse the entire lighting collection at Pottery Barn to find the right illumination for your home. Check out our large assortment of table lamps for your home office and floor lamps for the living room, as well as outdoor lighting.