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Light Your Home Right with Table Lamps from Pottery Barn

Turn on top-tier style in every room of your home with a wide range of table lamps designed to fit your decor. Made for every room in the house, table lamps perform an important function while bringing a sophisticated, designer-friendly look to your home.

Keep reading to learn more about our table and desk lamps and how to use them in your home.

Improve Your Lighting Scheme with Table Lamps

Lighting is an essential component in any room from your entry area to your living room, dining room or home office. Many people don't realize what a pivotal role table lamps play in some spaces, though. Here are a few reasons to add table and desk lamps to living spaces in your home:

  • Table and desk lamps can be used to add ambient lighting to your room when you don't want to use overhead lights. Try turning on a table or desk lamp to watch a movie, listen to music or just hang out with your family when it's time to wind down for the night. Larger spaces can even utilize a combination of table and desk lamps to create an evener lighting scheme throughout the room.
  • Lamps are a great way to add color and texture to your room. Available in dozens of sizes, styles and materials, the right lamp can add a ton of visual depth and leave a lasting impression on visitors. The overall design impact of a well-chosen lamp will also make your room more enjoyable to spend time in for you and your family.
  • Desk lamps are an ideal option for tasks that require focused lighting. Reading, paying bills or just doing the crossword puzzle is easier with the right table lamp.
  • You can use them without lighting up the whole house. Got a family full of light sleepers? Maybe you're a night owl instead? Table lighting options give you plenty of light to work with without illuminating a large area.

Choosing the Right Table Lamp

Table lamps come in a range of styles fit for every room. Here are a few popular options you can use throughout your home:

  • Oversized lamps. Perfect for lighting your foyer or placing on an entry table, oversized lamps add heft and a decorative touch to your home. These can also be used in large living rooms, especially if you opt for a decorative version with a quality shade.
  • Decorative lamps. Available in materials like glass, ceramic, chrome and bronze, decorative lamps are a fit for your bedroom, living room, family room or home office. Use these to balance other lighting elements like floor lamps and overhead fixtures.

  • Task lamps. Perfect for home office desks and workspaces where you pay bills or kids catch up on homework, task lamps give you a focused beam of light designed to properly illuminate paper, screens and things like crafts.

Update your lighting in every room with table and desk lamps from Pottery Barn. Shop our collection today to find the style that works in every room, from the bedroom to the game room.