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Add Classic, Elegant Style to Your Home with a Chandelier from Pottery Barn

Known for their sophisticated beauty, modern chandeliers bring serious style into your dining room or formal living room. At Pottery Barn, you can find a wide range of looks from antique-inspired to totally modern and downright playful.

Choosing a Chandelier for Your Home

Ornate overhead light fixtures have been used in homes ranging from austere castles to good old American farmhouses. Why? Because they offer a huge range of benefits for anybody looking to step up their style. Here are a few reasons to shop for one at Pottery Barn:

  • They add an elegant style to your room. Few lighting features or decorative items will change the room the way chandeliers can.
  • They give you the ability to create mood lighting in your dining room or living room. Use a dimmer for even more precise control.
  • They help fill in lighting in poorly-lit rooms. Some spaces that utilize overhead lights have dead zones or spots where the light looks dingy. Chandeliers offer ambient lighting that's truly gorgeous.

Chandelier Styles

Ready to go all out on the perfect lighting fixture for your dining room or living room? With so many options to choose from, it's easy to find a tried-and-true style or something brand new and unique. Here are a few styles that'll fit in with your existing design or help you hone your look from the ceiling down:

  • Crystal chandeliers. The go-to style for almost every formal space, crystal adds timeless beauty to your room that won't ever go out of style. A variety of sizes, shapes and textures make it easy to find the right option for your room. Looking for something elegant, but a little different than classic crystal? Look for chandeliers made from marvelous materials like sea glass, mercury glass and recycled glass.
  • Iron chandeliers. Ideal for farmhouse, antique-inspired, industrial and transitional spaces, iron chandeliers add considerable heft and depth, making them an ideal option for large rooms and bold decor styles.
  • Pendant and multi-light chandeliers. Available in almost every look, pendant and multi-light chandeliers add an architectural, artistic touch to your room. Look for the scale that fits your space before you buy.
  • Indoor/outdoor chandeliers. There's no reason you can't update your outdoor spaces with chandeliers. Look for indoor/outdoor styles that'll work in damp spaces like your patio, deck or even a covered gazebo. Now that's elegant dining al fresco!
  • Specialty styles. Add an unexpected touch to your decor with specialty chandeliers that stand out. Look for unique styles like faux deer antler chandeliers and modern abstract designs that are truly functional pieces of art.

Design a dining room or living room that'll wow your guests with a stunning chandelier from Pottery Barn. Whether you're a lover of formal dinners or a cocktail party enthusiast, we've got a chandelier that'll help you update your space in designer-approved fashion.