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Stylish Shoe Racks and Entryway Essentials

Since there is so much foot traffic at the front and back entryways of a home, these areas are always the first to collect dirt and clutter. But with the right entryway storage solutions, you'll stand a chance of keeping your entryways clear and clean at all times. Choose from a variety of stylish and functional shoe racks for each entryway, then finish the look with other great organizational tools like coat racks and entryway shelves.

Shoe Storage Options

Proper storage and organization of all your shoes, boots, heels and sandals are important for two key reasons. Firstly, it ensures your entryway always looks neat and isn't consumed by a random jumble of shoes. Secondly, with all your shoes neatly paired and easily accessible, you'll save time whenever you leave the house.

There are many ways to create effective shoe storage in your home.

  • Basic shoe racks are one of the most common entryway storage solutions. These racks are available in wood, metal or mixed materials and usually feature a lower shelf and an upper shelf. The shelves are often slatted to support air circulation so wet shoes dry quicker.
  • Shoe benches are similar in construction to shoe racks but feature a padded top surface instead of a basic shelf. This allows you to sit in comfort as you remove or lace up your shoes.
  • If you choose a rack or bench, shoe trays are an essential addition. These trays can slip underneath the shelving to catch any dirt or moisture that drips from your footwear, protecting the floors underneath. Shoe trays can also be used on their own to hold taller boots that won't fit on a rack.
  • If you'd prefer to completely hide away clutter, shoe cabinets are a great solution. Shoe cabinets feature inner shoe shelves and opaque doors to give your entryway a sleek, clean look.

Other Entryway Organization Tools

Once you've taken care of your shoe storage needs, there are still a few other entryway issues to consider. Without the right tools in place, other outerwear items like coats, scarves and umbrellas will pile up and threaten your tidy entryway.

  • If your entryway is without a coat closet, take advantage of vertical space with a tall coat rack. Coat racks will not take up very much floor space in small entryways but can hold multiple jackets at once. They can also be used to hang sweaters, hats, scarves, purses and more.
  • Wall-mounted hooks can be used as an alternative to a coat rack, or in addition to a standing rack in busy homes. These hooks can hang light jackets and other outerwear but also serve as the perfect place to hang your keys.
  • Some entryway hook sets also feature an upper entryway shelf. These handy shelves are a great place for decorative objects like small plants, artwork or photo frames and can also be used as a spot to deposit your mail.
  • Umbrella stands are another entryway tool that won't take up a lot of floor space but will come in very handy during the rainy season. With an umbrella stand by the door, you'll never again have to dig through a messy closet before leaving the house in a rainstorm.

Having a neat and organized entryway makes a great first impression. Start with practical storage options like shoe racks or benches for your footwear, then tackle all other clutter with items like coat racks, hooks, shelves and umbrella stands. With the right entryway organizational tools from Pottery Barn, you can create an inviting and efficient space that saves you time and makes you feel at home.