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Update Your Home with New Entryway Furniture from Pottery Barn

Your entry area is the first thing your guests see when they come to your home for a dinner party, potluck or movie night. It's also the area that sets the tone for how you feel about your very own home. So why isn't your entryway the masterpiece you want it to be?

Use this guide to learn more about entryway furniture at Pottery Barn. With a wide selection of pieces for entry areas of all sizes and styles, we've got just what you need to make that space just past your front door shine.

What Entry Furniture Pieces Can I Buy?

Style your entryway so it personifies your personal tastes and makes your guests smile. Here are a few popular pieces of entry and foyer furniture you can buy at Pottery Barn today:

  • Console tables. Ideal for storing those keys you always lose and adding some style to your space, consoles are typically long, narrow tables that help you fill hard to design areas. Look for stone-top styles, traditional wood pieces, rustic designs and mid-century throwbacks to complete your decor.
  • Decorative mirrors. Check your look before you head out the door and bring good looks to your walls with a decorative mirror. Try yours over your console table for the perfect marriage of classic entry hallway furniture.
  • Entry benches. Need a place to sit while you're waiting on the kids to come down for school? Maybe you just need a place to drop your bag after a long day? Entry benches can give you all that and more. They can also double as overflow seating in a pinch.
  • Hall trees and coat racks. Make quick work of organizing those winter coats, backpacks, purses and briefcases with hall trees and coat racks. Find all-wood styles, modern looks and retro-inspired hall trees and racks for your entry.
  • Storage furniture. If you've got a big family, you know it can be a major chore trying to find a place for all those muddy shoes, sports bags, backpacks and more. Look for entryway furniture that offers under-seat storage and built-in cubby-style shelving to get your entry back in shape. Check out our selection of storage baskets that you can use for even more organization while you're at it.

You love your master bedroom, your living room and dining room are true works of art and your landscaping is the best on the block. Make sure your entry area isn't the weak point in your design by shopping our selection of stylish entryway furniture today. You can also find a huge selection of sconces, hallway runners and wall art to beautify your entry space even more.