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Organize and Decorate with Office Accessories

With the right office accessories, your home office can become a complete center for hard work and productivity. These handy accessories help to store and organize all of the papers and tools you need to work from the comfort of your home. Once your productivity tools are in place, add the right finishing touches with decorative office accessories.

Office Desk Accessories

The office desk is arguably the most important furniture piece in the office. As the room's main workspace, all papers and tools should be kept within arm's reach to maximize efficiency. Office desk accessories are designed to sit flat on your desk and hold tools and papers without taking up much space.

  • Paper and file organizers are perfect for organizing loose papers and file folders. While the majority of your files are best kept in a wood or metal filing cabinet, these desk-sized organizers will keep the most important documents within reach.
  • Pencil cups are another key office desk accessory. These cups are available in a variety of sizes and materials and can hold pencils, pens, scissors and other office tools.
  • Business card holders are just the right size for holding and organizing standard-sized business cards. You can even add labels to the individual drawers so you can easily find the business card of a colleague or customer.
  • To protect your desk from scratches and stains, a desk blotter is a must-have accessory. Blotters are available in leather and linen.
  • If you have a small desk, using multi-organizers is a great way to maximize your workspace. These caddies come with various compartments to organize work supplies and contain clutter. Some even feature a dedicated spot to store your phone or tablet.

Office Decor

Personalizing your home office can go a long way towards making it a more effective workspace. When you feel comfortable in your tidy, decorated office, you'll be happy to spend time there working on your projects.

  • Keep track of time and add style to your office walls with a beautiful wall clock. Choose from modern clocks in black or white or antique-style clocks with roman numbers and metallic frames. If you have any open shelf space, you can also choose a freestanding desk clock.
  • A standing turntable or antique-style desk phone with rotary dialing will also increase the room's vintage feel. Though these pieces will certainly add decorative flair to the office, they're also fully functional items that can be used to play records or make phone calls.
  • Decorative bookends will not only support rows of upright books but also add style to your bookshelves or floating shelves. Choose from a variety of designs including animals, geodes and abstract objects.
  • Corkboards are essential office accessories that are both functional and decorative. These boards can display anything that can be held up by a pushpin, including important office memos, reminder notes, special photographs, postcards and other decorative details. Magnetic boards or chalkboards can also be used to add function and style to blank office walls.
  • Plan your office decor down to the smallest detail with pretty bins for collecting trash and recycling. Mix-and-match different utility baskets and bins crafted of antique galvanized iron, genuine leather or rattan wicker to coordinate with the rest of your office decor.

Design your ideal home office with key office accessories from Pottery Barn. Set your workspace up for success with functional desk accessories like paper organizers, pencil cups and desk blotters. When all of your supplies are within arm's reach, you'll spend less time searching your desk and more time working productively. Finish the look with beautiful decorative office items like wall clocks and bookends to personalize the space.