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Find Smart Closet Solutions for Your Home at Pottery Barn

You've got a closet packed full of clothes you haven't worn in a while. Maybe you've got a downstairs closet or utility closet that's filled with soccer balls, vacuum cleaners, brooms or winter coats. The fact is that getting your closet organized is difficult no matter what you're storing inside.

Luckily, we've got some smart closet solutions that you can shop for today at Pottery Barn. Kiss that old, cluttered closet goodbye whether you're working to organize your master bedroom or making the laundry room just a little bit neater.

What Kind of Closet Solutions Can I Find?

Your closet might be a mess or you just might want to turn your organizational space into the most refined part of your home. We've got you covered either way. Here are some of the closet storage options you can find at Pottery Barn right now:

  • Whole closet systems. Some closets are neatly assembled with lots of storage bars, built-in racks and tons of drawers. Most of us just aren't that lucky though. With whole closet systems, you can turn a nearly empty space into the closet of your dreams. You can also use certain pieces to modify your existing closet to make it more useful.
  • Floating and modular shelving. Floating and modular shelving can help you tackle everything from folded t-shirts in your closet to undergarments, watches, ties and more. Add a whole wall of shelving or add a single floating shelf to make quick work of reorganizing your closet. Floating shelves are an especially good look in modern closets where you just want to add the finishing organizational touches to an already efficient space.
  • Wall hooks. Make quick work of hanging up coats and commonly worn pieces of clothing like your favorite robe. Add a single hook to your closet or shop for multi-hook systems that allow you to hang even more within arm's reach.
  • Laundry baskets and hampers. Dirty clothes, especially if you like to sort your whites and colors before you wash, can take up a ton of space in your closet. Add a stylish hamper from Pottery Barn to your closet or laundry area. You can even utilize decorative wicker and closed-top hampers in your hallway to make sure the kids actually put their clothes in there!

Whip that closet into shape with myriad closet solutions from Pottery Barn. Looking for whole closet organizers? We've got your back. Maybe just a shelf or two? Sure, we can help with that! You can also find tons of small storage options and accessories like coat racks, shoe racks, storage bins, baskets and more. Make your closet work for you by adding storage closet solutions today.