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Wall Shelves Just Became More Versatile Than Ever

Explore all the new ways to organize your home with wall shelves that work overtime. Brilliant new designs include drawers, wine glass holders, special ridges for pictures and accents, plus lots of handy ways to maximize compact storage space. Now, add in a heavy dose of high design and the writing is on the wall--it's time for new shelves.

A New Approach to Shelving

A new trend in wall organization is making its way into the most stylish homes. The main idea is to streamline your lifestyle by hanging shelves and placing things high so you can dedicate furniture surfaces to decorative elements, or just enjoy the extra space.

  • New modular systems make it easy to create a whole-home look of shelving, hooks, baskets and boards.
  • Some shelving is made for storage. These shelves are deeper, have strong brackets--even with floating shelves--and may include hooks. Other shelving is dedicated to display or daily use, so you can show off frames or grab toiletries.
  • Hang your shelves freeform. Stack them, place them evenly on a horizontal axis or stagger them in a pattern or randomly. Lay them out based on your wall dimensions and how you plan to use them.

Wine Glass And Entertaining Shelves

The kitchen, dining room and home bar see major advances in convenience and atmosphere with the addition of intelligently designed shelving. By investing in modern organization, you can create a gorgeous, streamlined look for glasses, bottles and more.

  • Discover shelves that hold several kinds of glasses at once. You can place juice or rocks glasses on the top shelf. Then, hang wine glasses from the underside. If you're looking for an avant-garde take, choose a box shelf that frames your glasses upside down for easy access and creative appeal.
  • Box and ledge shelves now hold wine. Made of updated materials, including iron, pewter, dark wood or even mirrors, these shelves replace worn wine racks and let you display spirits, too.
  • Use shelves to store other service and entertaining items, like shot glasses, jiggers and other bar tools or daily meal essentials, like napkins or salt and pepper shakers.

Picture Ledges And Curio Shelves

Picture ledges are made just for decorating. These shelves are usually narrower and contain a lip or border where you can rest framed art or place decorative objects, like sculptures, trays or vases. These shelves often float, meaning you can't see the brackets, so they keep the focus on visual elements instead.

Maximizing Your Closet Space

Rely on multi-purpose wall shelves to maximize your closet, too. Look for shelves made just for city apartments or compact spaces. These unique shelves have hooks and hanging bars underneath them for major versatility.

Enjoy re-organizing your home with the modern craft and design of new wall shelves.