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Cosmetic Bags and Toiletry Cases

The Cosmetic Bags and Toiletry Cases we carry at Pottery Barn are ideal for both travel and using at home. Store your makeup, shaving supplies and toiletries in zippered pouches to keep them secure. Leather, denim and canvas are durable fabric options and most can be personalized with a monogram. Some of the bags and cases have zippered side pockets where you can keep the items used most often like lip balm and mascara. The ones that hang can be hung up over a door knob or towel rack for easy retrieval. They preserve coveted counter space since you can hang them up. The pouches are ideal to have at home to keep things organized in your bathroom drawer too. By having your necessities already packed, you can be ready to go on vacation at a moment’s notice.

Toss it in leather or canvas travel tote for a weekend getaway or overnighter. Shoulder straps make it convenient to carry. Pack a swivel suitcase for longer trips and vacations. Either way, you’ll have your toiletries ready to go. Attach permanent luggage tags to your weekenders, totes and suitcases for permanent marking. Fill in your name, address, cellphone number and email address. This saves time at the airport or with the hotel valet so you don’t have to fill out a temporary tag each time you travel. If your luggage happens to get lost, they will always know where to find you.

Travel jewelry cases and portfolios store jewelry all in one safe spot. Both the cases and portfolios have designated areas for rings, necklaces and bracelets. Small cases keep jewels tucked in individualized compartments. The portfolios unfold with handy hooks and snaps to secure your jewelry. When you get back home you can put your jewelry back in a jewelry box. These travel and at-home jewelry box organizers keep the jewelry separated to prevent knots and tangles. Jewelry boxes with mirrors give you a quick glance to see if you like the jewelry you are wearing and if it goes with your outfit. Some of the jewelry organizing boxes have drawers to store larger bangles, lockets and bigger chains.

Carry a comfortable eye mask with you when you travel to ensure the light doesn’t wake you up in a hotel or bed and breakfast. You can use it when flying on a plane for quick naps too. With an eye mask to cover your eyes completely and your favorite pillow, you can rest assured that travel won’t disrupt your sleep. Whether you prefer a down, organic down alternative or synthetic pillow, you’ll have a familiar, soft place to lay your head at night as you drift off into dreamland.

If you’re traveling with pets, be sure to take their bed along. Just as important as your pillow is to you, your pets will be more comfortable in their own bed when they are away from home. Maybe take their familiar food and water bowls too.

When you return from your trip, unload your dirty clothes in the wire or woven laundry basket. Unpacking is never the fun part of traveling but convenient laundry baskets simplify the process. The woven baskets on wheels are simple to move around from each room in your home to the final destination of the laundry room. Each family member can unpack his or her own suitcase into the laundry basket, and then roll it along to the next destination. Removable liners can be thrown in the wash to keep them fresh and clean. The laundry baskets with lids keep dirty clothes out of sight until wash day arrives.